Fast Document Digitisation Keeps AgustaWestland Flying

When one of AgustaWestland’s customers’ planes is grounded and waiting for a spare part, it’s up to the helicopter company to help resolve the issue immediately.

Every spare part ships with documents: certifications, log cards, test reports, invoices, etc. AgustaWestland was having a problem producing new documents quickly enough. To avoid delaying the process of getting a spare part to a grounded aircraft, AgustaWestland needed to improve its document management process.

We helped the helicopter manufacturer instantly digitise documents by creating a system that scans documents, attaches metatdata and loads them into a searchable document management system within a minute. For every incoming part, AgustaWestland now knows its documents are readily available whenever they need to ship the part out.

The new system helped reduce the time it takes to make documents available from 15 days down to 1 minute, and reduced document search time by 80%.

Read the AgustaWestland case study (PDF, 780 KB)

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