The Death of the Call Centre

It looks like the call centre’s days are numbered.

In our recent worldwide survey, 42% of respondents said that the call centre will cease to exist by 2025. Yet it’s still the preferred channel for 25% of people worldwide, and 31% in the US. So even though it’s popular today, it’s still likely to be replaced by automated systems.

Read our slideshare for some surprising insights, including: 

  • Why the call centre is not nearly as convenient as many consumers imagine, and is costing organisations more than it should.
  • How digital channels are currently failing to deliver, and how that’s pushing up call centre costs. 
  • How analytics, automation and artificial intelligence will transform the way people interact with brands.
  • How it’s possible to improve service, reduce costs and free up valuable resources.
  • Why the call centre could just become a profit centre.

The death of the call centre actually marks the birth of something far more exciting – an opportunity that all organisations should seize right now. 

Read our slideshare to find out how. 

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