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Meet the Versant® Colourful Heroes

Real-World Feedback on the Versant® Family of Presses: Flawless Registration, Colour Consistency, Advanced Automation

Choosing a digital colour press is an important investment and decision for your organisation.

There are many factors to consider, including application needs, print quality, substrate requirements, average and peak print volumes, and budget.

To help you make an informed decision, we asked print providers to share their opinions, experiences and reviews on the Xerox® Versant® family of presses. Here’s what they had to say.

Xerox® Versant® Family of Presses Reimagined to Deliver More YouTube Video

All about the reliability.

“It’s all about reliability, both in the press and in the technical support. We have trusted Xerox for a long time. Our customers are very happy with the results, especially with innovations such as the digital books we have developed for students. Print on demand lets us reduce time and costs. Now we are printing all kinds of books on the press, with good results. Our monthly volume increased by one million pages.”

Michelsh Tacuche Operation Manager Grafica Margwill (Lima, Perú)

Staff of Grafica Margwill with their Xerox Versant 280 Press

An investment in the ability to deliver stunning results to customers and exceed their expectations

"During our 35-year journey, we have successfully established ourselves as pioneers and leaders in the digital printing market, and we must highlight the valuable support of Xerox, a company that has been with us since the beginning of our digital venture. Xerox, for us, represents reliability, seriousness, and versatility. Now, with the addition of the Versant 4100 Press equipment acquired through Tecnomax SA as an authorized Xerox channel, we have elevated our capabilities. Omega can now cater to the most demanding customers with increased speed and automation, allowing us to produce high-quality prints in new formats, in less time, and at a lower cost. The Xerox Versant 4100 is not just a technological investment; it's also an investment in the ability to deliver stunning results to customers and exceed their expectations."

José Dapino General Manager Industrias Gráficas Omega (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Empployees of Industrias Gráficas Omega with their Xerox Versant 4100 Press
Industrias Graficas Omega Versant 4100 sample

Fast and Reliable with Xerox Versant 280

"During our 25-year trajectory in which we have proven ourselves as leaders in the digital printing market, we must highlight the valuable support of Xerox, a company that has always provided us with reliability and seriousness; both in the commercial relationship and in technical support. The addition of the Versant 280 Press, acquired through Global Graphic as an authorized Xerox channel, has allowed FullServices Corp. to differentiate and carry out a digital campaign in a few hours, pleasing the most demanding customers."

Veronica Salguero General Manager Impresiones Digitales en Ecuador - FullServices Corp. (Quito, Ecuador)

FullServices Corp. with their Xerox Versant 280 Press

Helping the small to become Big and the Big ones to remain Great.

"In 2022 we acquired the Versant 280+Speciality Colour Kit through the authorised Xerox channel 'Global Graphic', which allows us to offer value-added products. With luxury finishes that were previously impossible to offer in small quantities due to their high production cost. Among our clients are many of the largest companies in Ecuador but we also love serving new entrepreneurs. Although they are small, they demand the highest quality for their prints. We know perfectly that 'Everything that is big today was once small.'"

Diego Viver Cucalon CEO Tecniprint (Guayaquil, Ecuador)

Staff of Tecniprint Ecuador with their Xerox Versant 280 Press

Cutting Edge Print Solutions!

"Choosing the Xerox Versant 280 has been transformative for Disc Pro Graphics. This compact powerhouse has increased our production speed, versatility, and quality without demanding extra floor space. From complex business presentations to large-scale promotional materials, the Versant 280 is at the heart of our services, ensuring our business clients receive cutting-edge print solutions to meet their diverse needs."

Bradley Miller Digital Manager Disc Pro Graphics & Printing (Houston, Texas)

Disc Pro Graphics & Printing with their Xerox Versant 280 Press

Versatility Above All!

"Our company is focused on innovative solutions and choose the highest quality devices. The purchase of Xerox Versant 4100 printing allowed us to expand our company’s offer towards various types of advertising materials, which are characterised by the highest quality and excellent colours. Thanks to this extremely functional printing system, our work is even more effective, and its results are appreciated by a growing number of satisfied customers. I recommend Xerox Versant 4100 to anyone looking for a reliable and functional machine! This year marks 20 years of our cooperation with Xerox!"

Marek Święs Owner Skankolor (Katowice, Poland)

Staff of Skankolor with their Xerox Versant 4100 Press

It is all about reliability.

"Our long, excellent relationship with Xerox is all about reliability, both in the press and in the technical support. We have always provided our customers the highest quality and service in pre-press, printing and finishes. We commit to the details and achieve products of excellence. IMPRESSO has also established itself as leading supplier of fine papers for the graphic Peruvian industry. The broad and successful portfolio of paper qualities that we handle, plus the years of experience in our market, have made us specialists in products with added value."

Rafael Alvarez Calderon General Manager IMPRESSO Gráfica (Lima, Perú)

Staff of IMPRESSO Gráfica with their Xerox Versant 180 Press. A sign behind them says "Tecnología + Calidad + Flexibilidad = VERSANT".

With Xerox Versant, we print our clients’ biggest dreams

“Colour is within our DNA, and we found our answers in the Versant V3100 and D110. With these devices, we could follow our clients’ most creative dreams. We create colourful textbooks, photo albums, and POP material. With Xerox, every colour idea is possible.”

Lourdes Favela Owner Smart Books (Mexico City, Mexico)

Smart Books Mexico with their Xerox Versant 3100 Press

11 Colours. A million ways to Shine!

“It has been really exciting to be able to offer our customers a wide variety of print solutions which enables them to truly stand out with eye-catching printed marketing materials in both metallic and Fluorescent colour on our Xerox Versant 280 Press.”

Ben Maurais Owner E Print, INC. (Hudson, NH)

Staff of E Print INC with their Xerox Versant 280 Press

Extending Our Offerings

“I upgraded my Versant to the newest Versant and could not be happier. The exceptional image quality that the new press offers alongside the new adaptive plus capabilities allows our team to be able to render 10 bit image quality while working on jobs with enhanced colour options and extend our offerings. We really like the metallics."

Desiree Williamson Operator Midwest Type and Printing (Fort Smith, Arizona)

Staff of Midwest Type and Printing with their Xerox Versant Press

Sparkle with Versant

“We are looking forward to the holidays and using the vivid colors. We will be printing a lot of sparkle this season!”

Quintin Roberts President Alphagraphics Tulsa (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Staff of Alphagraphics Tulsa with their Xerox Versant Press

Unbelievable Image Quality

“Minuteman Press in Beverly MA chose the V4100 because of all of its automation, productivity, expanded media handling for more press availability with thick stock capability, and unbelievable IQ to offer our customers the very best in digital printing.”

Phil Broderick President/Owner Minuteman Press Beverly (Beverly, Massachusetts)

Staff of Minuteman Press Beverly with their Xerox Versant 4100 Press

Adding to Our Box of Crayons

“Life is about using your whole box of crayons. At Le Print Express, we have added to our box of crayons. Partnering with Xerox for Vivid Colours, we have added more possibilities to express that image is what it's all about.”

Nancy Perkins Owner Le Print Express (Sycamore, Illinois)

Staff of Le Print Express showing print samples printed on their Xerox Versant Press

Reliable Press

“Our Versant 280 is our ‘go to’ digital press. With its consistent performance we have been able to rely on this press. The user interface is intuitive and works very good for our operations. Paired with the EFI Fiery we are able to process large variable data work quickly and efficiently. The high-capacity feed trays are versatile and work well with the wide range of stocks that are out there. With the Fluorescent Specialty Toners we are able to enhance eye catching designs, adding value to our customer products. This also helps us stand out from our competition. We have been very pleased and impressed with our Versant 280.”

Clyde Moses Owner Allegra Show Low (Show Low, Arizona)

Staff of Allegra Show Low with their Xerox Versant 280 Press

Growing Our Offerings

“We were one of the first customers to get the Vivid Kit with their Versant 280. We have used our Vivid Kit to grow our offerings.” Travis Bell Operation Manager Town and Country Printing INC DBA Minuteman (Houston, Texas)

Town and Country Printing INC DBA Minuteman with their Xerox Versant 280 Press

Expanding Our Customer Base with New Offerings

“We are very excited to expand our offerings within the shop. The vivids will allow us start and grow our CMYK+ customers so we can expand in the near future into an Iridesse.” Clayton Authement Owner Beaumont Alphagraphics (Beaumont, Texas)

Beaumont Alphagraphics with their Xerox Versant Press

More Options for Our Customers!

“The addition of the vivid colours on the Versant 280 will allow us to acquire new customers and offer our existing customers more options to meet their colour/printing requirements. It also provides us with the ability to match more corporate colours.” Nelson Bueno Owner Minuteman Press (The Colony, Texas)

Minuteman Press of The Colony Texas with their Xerox Versant 280 Press

Putting Treasured Books Back in Hands

“With our new fully digital production site powered by Nuvera 288 and Versant 280 with CMYK +kit, we are now able to produce high-quality short runs cost-effectively, putting treasured books back in the hands of their audiences.” Bernardo Salemme Operation Manager Edizioni Simone (Naples, Italy)

Employees of Edizione Simone with their Xerox Nuvera Press

Delivering More Value and Results in Virtually Any Colour

“The Versant adaptive CMYK+ kit allows us to get the most out of our investment and we can quickly and easily swap toners based on job specifications. This allows us to offer our customers expanded application capabilities and deliver more value with better results in virtually any colour our customer asks for!” Dalton Akins, Marsha Forrester, Jennifer Greene, Mike Akins (Owner) Allegra Dickson (Dickson, Tennessee)

allegra dickson iridesse

Adding Value to Customers’ Prints

"Our contract for our current Versant 80 press came to an end, and the Versant 280 was the natural progression. We were given the option of the Vivid and Fluorescent colour kits and decided that it was a great opportunity to increase sales. It enables us to add value to customers’ prints, giving more options with design and our workflow. We can now use substrates that were out of reach before, like floor vinyls and window clings, to magnetic papers. This has given us much more potential to say yes to customers’ inquiries and print in-house. We've been using Xerox digital presses for over 10 years now and the quality is always excellent. Our Versant 280 is a great, affordable option for a print company of our size, giving more ability to enhance print material and add value."

Stewart Byron Director JJR Print Ltd (Dumbarton, Scotland UK)

JJR Print Ltd with their Versant 280 Press

The future is bright with Adaptive CMYK+

"The Vivid kit has been an exciting new addition to our Versant 180. Our designers are excited about the opportunity to be more creative and have the ability to add gold, silver, white and clear to dark substrates, reinventing business and holiday cards.

Our clients see the benefit and we look forward to supporting them in the future with our Adaptive CMYK+ capabilities."

Alan Bailey Owner International Minute Press (Graham, NC)

International Minute Press with their Versant 180 Press

Producing a wider variety of printed materials

"We bought the Xerox Versant 280 as a support for our offset equipment. Due to a very good printing speed, colour enhancements and embellishments capabilities because of CMYK+ special colours, we can now accept any print job requested by our customers. We are producing a wider variety of printed materials, from promotional, personalised materials, folders – practically anything that can be printed on paper. The Xerox Versant 280 really brings value to my products and services portfolio."

Cosmin Stanciu CEO Cora Office Solutions (Alba Iulia, Romania)

Spiral bound daily planners printed on a Versant 280 Press

Innumerable opportunities with additional inks

"Xerox is a trusted brand providing best in class colour reproduction, and we have the goal of taking our commercial printing jobs to a new level by addressing short quantity jobs through value additions with additional inks. The vivid and fluorescent colours available on the Versant 180 Press provide innumerable opportunities of adding value on most of the applications that we do, which is not currently available with ease of use. With these special colours, we have the opportunity to attract new customers and capitalise on the early bird advantage."

Ajith Simon Proprietor Ace Graphics & Offset Press (India - Nedumangad, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala)

Ajith Simon of Ace Graphics & Offset Press with their Versant Press

Differentiating Our Products with CMYK+

"Khushi Ram & Sons Foods Private Limited is a trusted supplier for quality Indian Sweets. Our business is about preparing colourful and eye-catching sweets for our sweet-tooth-connoisseurs. Since we opened in 1932, we have learned that you build a brand with your reputation for quality and innovation. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure now includes the Xerox Versant with the Adaptive CMYK+ Kit to provide our customers what they need to celebrate life’s important events with wedding cards, unique boxes, and specialised return favors. We now have an even greater edge over the competition."

Akshat Gupta Director Khushi Ram & Sons Foods Pvt. Ltd. (Ludhiana, India)

Akshat Gupta of Khushi Ram & Sons Foods Pvt. Ltd. with their Versant Press

CMYK+ is a revolutionary and game-changing experience

"White, Gold, Silver, Clear and Fluorescent toners have added an edge to my Xerox Versant Press. CMYK+ is a revolutionary and game-changing experience. Affordability of cost and the flexibility to print millions of colours with the capability to print on everything and every colour imaginable. It’s easy and less time consuming to swap the toners based on each specific job. This will definitely help our business to grow, offer a wide range of products, and stay ahead of the competition."

Snehal Shah President Print2Go (Canada)

Snehal Shah of Print2Go with their Versant Press

It’s a 10/10

“We’ve had our Versant 3100 for almost one year now and myself and the production staff love it! It is a work horse, but yet produces excellent colours and sharpness. It’s a strong and reliable machine, with only minimal service intervention required so far. In summary it is fast, reliable and accurate – it’s a 10/10!”

Simon Davidson Managing Director Bang On Print & Design Ltd (Newcastle, UK)

Simon Davidson of Bang On Print & Design Ltd with print samples from their Versant 3100 Press

We can accept every print job

"The high quality of our Versant products means that our customers think our digital print is actually offset. Ever since we've had Versant, we've be able to accept all the jobs." Nestor Juarez, CEO Juarez Impresores (Elche, Alicante, Spain)

Juarez Impresores with their Versant Press

The high degree of automation

"Versant's reliability was a big game-changer for us. The high degree of automation offered by Versant allows us to meet all of our customers' requirements." Matías González, CEO Imnova Gráfica (Molina de la Suegra, Murcia, Spain)

Imnova Gráfica with their Versant Press

Helped us achieve our goals

“The Xerox Versant 3100 has helped us achieve our goals in terms of cost control and technical specifications, and has enabled us to improve our productivity and the way we manage complex projects.” Bogdan Ciurdia General Manager Regata Print (Bucharest, Romania)

Regata Print with their Versant 3100 Press

First digital press with flawless registration

"The Xerox Versant is the first press where I have no problem running business cards 24 or 18 up. The slew and kick compensation is off the wall. The truth is, this press is a money maker and to boot my staff tells me it is a pleasure to operate. I made a good decision going digital years ago but I made a better decision going and staying with Xerox."

Dennis Beck General Manager Minuteman Press (North Palm Beach, Florida)

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Dennis Beck of Minuteman Press Florida with their Versant Press

Delighted with the print quality and reliability

“Although our lithographic presses continue to be busy, we’ve seen our digital department grow with clients expecting faster turnaround times. As a result, last month we installed our third Versant, the new Versant 180 which is currently running well alongside our other machines.”

Jamie Gilbert Production Director Hickling & Squires (Nottingham, United Kingdom)

Jamie Gilbert of Hickling & Squires, with their Versant 180 Press

Digital technology at its finest

“My entire business is hinged on digital technology, so I did the research to pick the best tools for the job and I'm really excited to be an early adopter of the Versant 180. Xerox is a name you can trust. They are known for excellent support, and the new Versant models are more advanced and automated, so you can do a lot more with them."

Jim Francis Owner Minuteman Press (Fort Worth, Texas)

Minuteman Press, Fort Worth with their Versant 180 Press

This press has it all

“We were feeling the need to improve our printing capabilities and we came across the Versant 3100. This press has it all - maximising the automation when printing brochures, improving print quality to a new level and setting colour easily between jobs, with virtually no human hand. Simply put, printing has never been as easy and fun as it is today with our Versant.”

Daniel Pelikán Owner Pelikan Daniel (Pardubice, Czech Republic)

Daniel Pelikan, owner of Pelikan Daniel, with their Versant 3100 Press

Consistent colour from beginning to the end

“It’s the Swiss army knife of cut-sheet presses. Being able to offer full-bleeds and square folds inline is a great advantage. Jobs that had previously touched multiple departments can now be done in one pass.”

Tim Sellers General Manager Printegra (Fairport, New York)

Employees of Integra with their Versant Press

Amazing speed and colour quality

“After recently upgrading our equipment to the Xerox Versant 180, we saw huge advancements in the work we do, such as printing envelopes. With an all-around faster press paired with enhanced colour quality, productivity and automation, we are very happy with our Versant and highly recommend it.”

Sannick Kim Owner The UPS Store (London, Ontario, Canada)

Sannick Kim of The UPS Store with their Versant 180 Press

Speedy and productive

“The speed and productivity of our Versant 3100 enables us to increase our monthly print volumes and to face the production peaks typical for our activity. Also, we are able to meet our needs for short job runs, meet the deadline for proofing/production jobs and customise some parts of our long offset runs so the digital prints integrate the offset jobs.”

Jacopo Bernardi Technical Department Centrooffset (Mestrino, Italy)

Centrooffset with their Versant 3100 Press

Perfect balance between productivity and performance

“Versant is the perfect balance between productivity and performance - the ideal solution for our customer base. This press was the only solution we tested that was able to handle some of our unique jobs. Versant also supports our activity enabling some offset volume to digital - leading us to tripling our digital print volumes the last 6 months."

Paola Testori Owner Tipografia Testori Luigi (Bolzano Novarese, Italy)

Tipografia Testori Luigi with their Versant Press

We needed a powerful press

“We offer a range of printing services including fast print and printing on non-standard materials – including dense and textured paper, tracing paper and envelopes. When our old press wasn’t able to cope with increased volumes we needed a powerful press to improve the speed of orders, spot colour accuracy and reduce the cost of printing. So we chose the new Xerox Versant 180 – the first to be installed in Russia – to strengthen our position in the market and develop our business."

Oleg Nekrasov Director Craft Printing House (Rostov-na-Donu, Russia)

Oleg Nekrasov of Craft Printing House with their Versant 180 Press

Standing out in digital print

“Our company was looking for a way to stand-out in the digital printing market through excellent quality, fast execution and automation. Today, we make these advantages every day thanks to the Xerox Versant because we can now automatically correct the fit and colour reproduction with the guaranteed colour correction tools."

Andrzej & Piotr Watychowicz Owners Drukarnia PAW s.c. (Szczecin-Pilchowo, Poland)

Andrzej & Piotr Watychowicz of Drukarnia PAW s.c. with their Versant Press

Standing out on a daily basis

“Our Versant is a workhorse. The standout features we see on a daily basis are consistency and vibrancy of colours. We have no hesitation reproducing and presenting colour prints to our customers. We’re very confident in this press.” James Beckwith Owner Minuteman Press Swindon (Swindon, United Kingdom)

Minuteman Press Swindon with their Versant Press

This press has no competitors in its class

“I believe the Xerox Versant 180 Press has no competitors in its class by the ratio of price, quality and technical capabilities. Our competitors cannot offer such high quality. The installation of this press helped us strengthen our presence in the online printing segment and create an excellent basis for further business development.”

Emil Zakaryan General Manager Pechatnoe Delo (Moscow, Russia)

Emil Zakaryan of Pechatnoe Delo with their Versant 180 Press

This press is our workhorse

“The Versant is our Workhorse! We love this machine — it just keeps printing and printing at the highest quality. We are reliant on our Versant to produce all of the personalised Christmas cards for the local schools and we know it won’t let us down,”

Danny Sedgebeer Owner Prontaprint Bishop’s Stortford (Stansted, UK)

ProntaPrint with their Versant Press

Easy to operate but very versatile

"We like our Versant Presses because it’s so easy to switch between various sheet sizes and substrates. Also, with the Plockmatic finisher we can produce full-bleed brochures with no effort. They are very easy to operate but very versatile."

Peter Mettler Digital Print Operator Mattenbach AG (Winterthur, Switzerland)

Versant Heroes - Mattenbach AG with their Versant Press

Several good functions in one quick and reliable press

“We have recently upgraded our Versant 80 to a Versant 3100, making it our fourth Xerox press. We are overjoyed with our new Versant and the many great functions that come with it. We have no doubt in our minds that the quality of images made by this press can be nearly as good as those created on offset devices. All in all, we are completely satisfied with the Xerox Versant 3100 and I recommend it to anyone who needs an easy-to-use press to produce a wide range of jobs in an excellent quality.”

Imre Nagy Owner IMI Print Nyomdaipari Kft. (Nyíregyháza, Hungary)

IMI Print Nyomdaipari Kft. with a print sample and their Versant 3100 Press

Extraordinary quality and the capacity to develop new products

“I work in the graduation market and started using Xerox equipment three years ago with the Xerox C75, which provided the quality I needed to serve my clients well. Our volumes grew and so I acquired the Xerox Versant 180 to be able to produce materials with an extraordinary quality and a better performance in production. In addition, the 33x66 format will help me develop new products."

Fábio Pais de Andrade Owner Innova Brasil (São Paulo, Brazil)

Fábio Pais de Andrade of Innova Brasil with their Versant 180 Press

Attractive financially

"With our Xerox Versant 3100 Press, we have significantly reduced delivery time and made our product offer for end customers much more attractive financially. We can easily perform according to our own high standards and meet all customer requirements at the same time."

Kirill Korobov General Director Interunity (Moscow, Russia)

Interunity with their Versant 3100 Press

Offset-comparable quality

“Printing on vintage presses is my passion, but for my craft mini printing house to be successful I needed a digital press capable of producing high-quality prints with minimal effort. The Xerox Versant 180 was the right choice for sure - it prints with offset-comparable quality and customers are always happy with the colours on all applications”.

Alexey Scherbinin General Director PRO.Sche (Moscow, Russia)

Alexey Scherbinin of PRO.Sche with their Versant 180 Press

On-demand printing

“Our Xerox Versant Press allows us to provide on-demand printing with much higher profit margins compared to offset printing.”

Adriana Sánchez Digital Printing Manager Offset Robosan (Mexico)

Employees of Offset Robosan with print samples and their Versant Press

Speed, precise registration and colour fidelity

"Speed, combined with fidelity in colour and registration, were the top priorities for our in-house productions. The Xerox Versant 180 digital press has covered all three of these factors, and given us the freedom to respond to small- and medium-sized daily productions in a great way, from day one.”

Hrissa Krokida Partner Garamond Design (Athens, Greece)

Hrissa Krokida of Garamond Design with their Versant 180 Press

Impressive flexibility in the use of materials

"I'm delighted with the printing quality and the speed of Xerox Versant 180. Mostly, however, I am impressed by its versatility, which allows us to use many different materials, and the impressive registration. These features make Versant a valuable and productive tool for my business."

Aristidis Papadakis Owner Metrographics (Crete, Greece)

Metrographics with their Versant 180 Press

Meet the Xerox® Versant® 280 Press

Meet the Xerox® Versant® 4100 Press