• Xerox Case Study Short Videos: Owens Corning

Xerox Case Study Short Videos:

Owens Corning

Xerox and Owens Corning: A Partnership Driving Business Forward

To help builders, contractors and homeowners get the most out of the offerings, Owens Corning partnered with Xerox to enhance their efficiency and their ability to meet tight timelines.

Xerox: Helping to Generate Revenue at Owens Corning and Beyond

Xerox provides Owens Corning with critical document management services—generating revenue not just for Owens Corning, but for contractors as well.

Lower Costs and More Sustainability: Xerox and Owens Corning

Xerox helps Owens Corning to catch mistakes before they become costly problems—avoiding waste and increasing sustainability.

Simplifying Vendor Management: High-Quality Vendors at a Low Cost

Expert recommendations from their Xerox advisor help Owens Corning save time and money when it comes to choosing the best, most cost-effective vendors.

Positioning Owens Corning for Success in the Digital Age

Xerox enables Owens Corning to focus more on their core business aspects, planning and strategy by guiding their transition into the digital age.

Printing the Essentials: Xerox and Owens Corning

Documents fulfill a critical role at Owens Corning. Xerox enables the creation of an array of different materials such as sell sheets—without producing unnecessary waste.