• Fast Document Digitisation Keeps Leonardo Flying

Fast Document Digitisation Keeps Leonardo Flying

The Customer: Leonardo S.p.A. is a global high-tech aerospace, defence and security company with more than 46,000 employees. It provides strategic solutions in sectors including helicopters, aeronautics, unmanned systems, defence and security electronics, defence systems, and satellite systems and services.

The Challenges: If an aircraft incident occurs, regulations give Leonardo just a few days to provide the investigation team with documentation about the aircraft's build and maintenance. When documents were stored in paper form, finding the right ones could be a time-consuming challenge: Leonardo's archive holds 6.5 million documents, and some aircraft have a 50-year documented history.

The Solution: We scanned and indexed the entire document archive and uploaded the digitised documents into the Xerox® DocuShare® Content Management Platform. Documents about security-sensitive military aircraft are held in a separate store from those relating to less-sensitive commercial aircraft. This allows Leonardo to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, including BS 10008 for electronic information management. We continue to scan and upload new documentation on a day-forward basis to keep the stores up to date.

The Benefits: Leonardo has a secure, efficient, centralised solution for long-term storage of business-critical information. Users can find what they need up to 80% faster, so it's much easier to meet the regulatory timescales for document provision when an incident occurs. Additionally, replication and offsite backups protect documents against accidental loss or destruction.

The Testimonials: "Rigorous management of documentation is essential to safety in aeronautics. Now we no longer have to worry about helicopters being stranded on the ground for want of the proper documents." — Luca Maragnani, Head of Material Service Delivery, Leonardo S.p.A.

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