• The Disintegrating Computer Chip

The Disintegrating Computer Chip

For those times when encryption is not enough, we give you the self-destructing computer chip.

In another sign that life imitates art, researchers at PARC, a Xerox Company, have pioneered a method for turning sensitive digital data in to dust – also known as microscopically small pieces of shattered glass.

This method uses our core competencies to provide a new option for data and information security – creating integrated circuits on glass that will shatter and disperse on command.

Developed by PARC for DARPA, the new “Vanishing Memory” chip has captured the attention of journalists around the globe – including the influential tech blogger Robert Scoble.

Scoble visited PARC recently and got the lowdown on the chip from scientist Greg Whiting. Their discussion, captured on video by Scoble, was posted to his Facebook page.

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While he was on scene in Palo Alto, California, Scoble also took a few moments to appreciate the past, present and future of PARC.

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