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XMPie® Campaign Management Solutions

Plan, automate, deliver and track superior multichannel campaigns


XMPie's Marketing Campaign Management solutions help you manage engaging holistic campaigns across all marketing channels. Track results and find out which messages are working best with which people, in which context and in which media.

  • Circle is an interactive digital storyboard for sketching, planning, building and automating cross media marketing campaigns. Track results, fine-tune campaigns and maximise ROI.

  • PersonalEffect® Analytics offers easily accessible, detailed views of marketing campaign results and metrics across all media. Track, analyse and refine cross-media campaigns to increase performance and ROI.

Screenshot of the XMPie PersonalEffect Analytics dashboard

Key Features


  • User-friendly, drag-and-drop interface for planning out campaigns.

  • Touchpoint animation: Campaign activities can be scheduled in advance, with recurrence patterns.

  • Transparency for clients: Circle makes campaigns easier to explain and sell and enables a broader adoption of lasting, strategic partnerships.

  • Campaign progress viewed in real time: Circle serves as a window into PersonalEffect Analytics for monitoring, tracking and measurement of campaigns.

  • Everything in the cloud: Offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), subscription-based marketing campaign management solution, Circle is always available and convenient to use.

PersonalEffect Analytics

  • Track your campaigns by collecting recipient data and monitoring responses.

  • Analyse campaign performance via detailed reports and charts, such as KPI reports.

  • Refine communications based on analysis to increase ROI.

Your Challenges

Customers today are always on, presenting new challenges in how we strategise, conduct, analyse and refine multichannel campaigns. To get the best ROI, we need the figures for overall marketing results and for each channel employed.

Key Challenges

  • Consistency in branding across all channels

  • Keeping close track of customer data

  • Supporting dynamic content

  • Managing multiple campaigns simultaneously

  • Measuring results in enough detail to understand ROI and refine future campaigns

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How Xerox Can Help

XMPie's Marketing Campaign Management software solutions allow you to plan, manage, automate, track and analyse campaigns across all marketing channels.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • XMPie, a CareAR Company, provides the quality, service, and technology that you expect from a trusted brand.

  • XMPie has Professional Services and Support teams ready to help with custom functionality, additional training, and general assistance.

  • No matter where you start in the continuum of XMPie products, you can easily scale from desktop to server, single-server to multi-server.

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Making Dorset Buzz Again

XMPie® allowed the Dorset Wildlife Trust to send relevant communications based on demographic data and user behaviour. And messages were made to fit the unique needs of social media, email, and printed materials.