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Xerox® FreeFlow Makeready® Software

Advanced document preparation made simple.

Take the time and labor out of capturing, editing, and preparing physical jobs for digital print or distribution with easy-to-use tools.

Preparing complex documents day in and day out for print production can be labour-intensive, especially when combining electronic and scanned inputs into a single job.

With FreeFlow Makeready, these everyday complex jobs are suddenly simple—you’ll get easy-to-use tools for document preparation, including basic imposition, tab programing, simplified colour management, and personalisation.

Flowchart with 4 steps showing input, scanning, FreeFlow Makeready software, and digital distribution and production printing

1. Input

2. Scanning

3. FreeFlow Makeready®

4. Digital Distribution and Production Printing

Powerful scanning integration.

Capture documents from Xerox TWAIN compliant scanners, or from your Xerox production press onboard scanners and multifunction devices.

Do more with ease.

FreeFlow Makeready adds “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” (WYSIWYG) simplicity to everything from editing to adding tabs, and from incorporating variable content to putting the final polish on PDFs.

Screenshot showing the Xerox FreeFlow Makeready user interface


A: Accept a wide range of industry file types.

Achieve real productivity in a true PDF workflow.

B: See the effects of your job setup before you print.

Reduce errors, save time, and streamline processes.

C: Create tabs easily.

Automatic tab annotation.

D: See your job changes reflected automatically in the job ticket.

Save precious time with automatically configured the job ticket that match your latest changes.

Add basic variable content and value to your documents with the easy-to-use merge and labeling utility. Boost profits with high-value, personalised, and versioned documents that you can create with ease.

Add more security to your documents while providing increased creativity using Speciality Imaging Text effects.

Edit your print jobs more easily. You can delete, move, and duplicate document pages, add blank pages, or even combine scanned and electronic pages.

Edit PDF pages. Add watermarks, page numbers, headers, and footers. You can also edit images within a PDF page—including enhancements such as sharpening, rotating, and cropping.

Document editing with ease.

FreeFlow Makeready lets you preview PDFs on-screen before printing, while its integrated Adobe® image-editing capabilities quickly and easily handle late-stage edit requests. Prepress features such as Electronic Light Table ensure page-to-page and front-to-back registration accuracy—saving time and preventing costly printing errors.

You can also:

  • Easily combine physical and electronic documents

  • Add, delete, or move and rotate pages

  • Add tabs and tab annotations, including automated tab creation using the bookmarks already embedded in your PDF

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