• Case Study: Liquor Corp. Reduces Signage Spend

Case Study: Liquor Corp. Reduces Signage Spend


The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) is a crown corporation and retailer responsible for the distribution and sale of Beer, Wine and Spirits in Nova Scotia. With revenue and profit pressures, optimizing the marketing budget was necessary.The NSLC asked Xerox how they could reduce their in-store signage spend; and, what ways they could move to multi-channel marketing to help engage customers across channels beyond print.


The NSLC leveraged the subject matter expertise of the Xerox team to streamline the print production supply chain from creative conception to final in-store execution. The Xerox Communication and Marketing Services Advisor worked with the NSLC to re-engineer print components, standardize on volumes by store category, and provide innovative ways to reduce creative time on loyalty promotions.


Xerox tracked year-over-year print and creative spend by components and reported to the NSLC quarterly on savings and spend vs. budget. The fact-based, data-driven approach provided actionable information for which NSLC could base new promotional signage decisions. Xerox reduced the execution headaches, and provided the NSLC with confidence that their savings goals were being met. while still protecting the in-store customer experience. This resulted in 15 % savings in the first year, and additional savings in the following years.

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