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Lock Down Printers With Trellix Embedded Control Technology

Xerox-Trellix solutions provide unrivaled security

Botnets. Advanced persistent threats (APTs). Zero-day attacks. Today’s security threats are sophisticated. That’s why you need advanced, innovative technology to protect your organisation’s IT network. Printers and MFPs – complex embedded systems – are as vulnerable as any other endpoint.

Xerox print devices have been engineered with security in mind. Think disk encryption and overwrite, encrypted protocols like SSL and IPsec, audit logs and user authentication. But we’ve raised the bar even higher by partnering with Trellix, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity companies.

Xerox’s AltaLink®, VersaLink® 7100 Series and WorkCentre® iSeries multifunction printers come bundled with Trellix Embedded Control software, so you can rest easy knowing that your MFPs, and any data associated with them, are safe and secure.

By augmenting our embedded security technologies with the market-leading Trellix Data Exchange Layer (DXL) and Cisco® Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid) platforms, Xerox® MFPs* can provide insight into access and threats, implement enterprise security policies and address threats in real time.

1. Whitelisting / Allow Listing. Traditional security technologies, such as antivirus, offer limited protection against today’s breed of threats. With whitelisting / allow listing, Xerox predefines a list of trusted applications and functions that can run on an MFP; nothing else is allowed to execute. The whitelisting / allow listing software constantly monitors for and detects change attempts in real time, preventing corruption of a device’s existing software or installation of malware. Thanks to Trellix Embedded Control whitelisting / allow listing technology, your security risk goes down and system availability increases.

2. Alerts and audit logs. With Trellix Embedded Control, you’ll never be left in the dark. Any attempt to change applications or perform a blocked activity triggers an e-mail alert to the system administrator. What’s more, tracking those attempts is easy. Audit logs provide information about who used a device, as well as when and how they used it. Administrators can also see which files the whitelisting / allow listing technology prevented from executing.

3. Easy Management. Xerox-Trellix security solutions give you flexibility and simplicity when it comes to managing your print devices. Xerox CentreWare Web, an HTTP server application that resides on the printer, allows administrators to modify device settings from their computers. With Xerox CentreWare Web and Xerox Device Manager, admins can install, configure, manage, monitor and report on both networked and locally connected print devices, regardless of device brand.

4. ePolicy Orchestrator. And Xerox is the only printer manufacturer with an extension for Trellix’s ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), which allows IT admins to unify security management across networks, endpoints, data, and compliance solutions from Trellix and third parties. Trellix ePO is easy to use, with drag-and-drop dashboards, and lets organisations leverage their existing IT infrastructures.

Read more about Trellix Embedded Control technology: Xerox® Next Generation Security: Partnering with Trellix

Don’t put your printer network at risk. Deploy security solutions from Xerox and Trellix today.

* Trellix was formerly known as McAfee

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