• Case Study: Insurance Coverage Broker Automates Claims Process

Case Study: Insurance Coverage Broker Automates Claims Process


In 2005, when an insurance coverage broker group was looking for a partner to assist them with resolving a backlog processing issue for their Catastrophic Major Medical Claims they came to Automation Innovation. In 2010, they again reached out to Automation Innovation for a solution with regards to processing insurance enrollment forms. This group was not meeting their Service Level Agreements due to their claims processing issues. In addition, there was a rebadge issue where it was becoming absolutely necessary to reduce headcount and increase cost savings.


When looking for a solution for the processing insurance enrollment forms, the insurance coverage broker group was referred to Automation Innovation by an Insurance Carrier. The Automation Innovation team proposed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology through Xerox® Automated Intelligence. The technology was implemented successfully. When the OCR technology was implemented, the effort turned to their current rebadge agreement, where Xerox rebadged 35 staff members to take over the Mailroom processing. About that same time they were developing an Online Document Management (ODM) solution for their Premium Accounting team which eliminated the use of paper and moved everything to electronic processing. The ODM solution removed the dependency on paper and moved the entire process to an electronic format.


The insurance coverage broker group reported significant results around headcount reduction and cost savings after the solution was implemented. The chain of events surrounding the rebadge led to the reduction in headcount which was a major win on behalf of the group. Before the rebadge, the headcount for the mailroom was at 35 and after the rebadge it reduced to 18 people. Prior to the ODM solution being in place, the Premium Accounting team was completely dependent on paper reports. Now everything is electronic and running smoothly.

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