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Xerox® ProfitQuick® Direct Marketing ROI Planner

Take the guesswork out of campaign justification and management

The Xerox® Direct Marketing ROI Planner is a powerful marketing tool designed to demonstrate and project the complete Return on Investment (ROI) of a direct marketing/hyper-personalised campaign or program. It is not just another calculator, but an advanced ROI tool of true projections and results to evaluate the effectiveness of your direct marketing projects, giving you the ability to compare campaigns and evaluate risk.

Using the Excel-based ROI tool is simple:

  1. Your Campaigns: Easily enter your current and future campaign details to begin your analysis.
  2. Estimate Your Response: Test the opportunity by inputting desired response rates
  3. Immediate Results: View the profitability and ROI of your Current, Conservative and Optimistic Rates in an instant!
  4. Get the Facts: At a glance, you get all the details on how you achieved your profitability and ROI for each of your response rate scenarios and what it will take to break even on your investment.

ProfitQuick Direct Marketing ROI Planner tool

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