• Xerox Confident Colour

Xerox Confident Colour

Colour you can depend on.

Xerox® Confident Colour

Take the uncertainty out of colour management and deliver every job with confidence.

Xerox Confident Colour is a collection of technology, consulting expertise, business development tools, custom solutions, and partners to help you manage and produce the best colour possible. From a single digital press using basic built-in tools to a globally colour managed fleet using automated software-as-a-service tools, with Xerox you can deliver colour with confidence. 

Colour Certifications


IDEAlliance Digital

Press Certification
G7 Master



Technology: A full spectrum of technologies.


Designed with your colour needs in mind, Xerox Confident Colour's innovative colour management technologies can lead you to a new level of excellence.

Consulting: Our experience, your gain.


Tap into a wealth of printing expertise and embrace digital colour with confidence. 

  • Our digital imaging engineers have a heritage in the offset world enabling them to provide confident colour solutions to not only drive your digital colour capabilities but also strengthen your offset business.
  • Colour consultants assist with digital press set up to help you get up and running faster.
  • Xerox G7 Masters and FOGRA Digital Printing Experts are an elite group of professionals who are experts in the field of colour management and can help you achieve optimum results.

Business Innovation Partners: You're never alone. Help is always near.

Business Innovation Partners

Value-added partnerships with industry leaders work together seamlessly to deliver matching, outstanding colour. 

  • Sometimes the best way to get something done is to have someone else do it. That's why we partner with forward-thinking companies that offer colour products, services, and solutions for every need. And because we follow formal processes for ensuring quality, you can be sure they're among the best in the industry.

Custom Solutions: A unique solution for every customer request.

Custom Solutions

We can build the right solution satisfy your unique colour requirements. 

  • If you have a special application or business requirement that can't be satisfied by our standard offerings, we can modify and enhance a standard Xerox production printer and integrate workflow solutions to create a custom solution that fits your needs.
  • Whether you're a commercial printer looking to increase throughput via automation, a facility attempting to meet distinct color specifications, or a converter trying to integrate various production options, we can customize your color management to enable you to do work you couldn't do before – and do it profitably.

Business Development: Uncover and take advantage of new opportunities and areas of growth.

Business Development

Turning colour jobs productively is half the battle. The other half is making sure you have those jobs to turn. We can help you attract and retain customers who demand exceptional colour so you can grow your business with more high-value jobs.

  • Business Development Services offer consultants who bring a wealth of knowledge to your business.
  • Training classes such as Designing for Digital provide your design and prepress professionals with all they need to produce excellent, consistent colour.