• Case Study: Global Utility Leader Manages the Transition from Paper to Digital Invoices

Electronic Invoicing Case Study

A global utility company was disappointed by a former e-billing project, and wanted to move from 20% to 60% digital invoices in five years. This large, complex organisation dealt with three ERP systems, 1,800 legal entities and 1,500,000 invoices a year. Plus, with changing legal conditions for payment terms, the situation was certainly challenging. They turned to us for help.

The Xerox Document Transaction Processing Solution

We worked as the utility company’s unique document processing service provider to manage all accounts payable invoices. We led the migration from paper to digital with a system that managed any file format, including paper, email, PDFs and EDI. As part of this electronic invoice solution, we implemented receiving, scanning, data extraction, indexing and archiving of paper invoices. And we did this all through a flexible contract, providing the platform as a service.

The Results

The global utility leader is well on its way to meeting its objective of moving from 20% electronic invoices to 60% electronic invoices in five years. We helped them reduce the processing time for an invoice from 15 days to 1 day. And they lowered processing costs for a electronic invoice to 50% less than a paper invoice. Last but not least, the company achieved compliance with new fiscal rules. 

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