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Our Commitment to You During the COVID-19 Crisis

Helping our clients achieve their business objectives is our highest priority, and that’s especially important when we are all managing a global crisis or pandemic such as COVID-19. Our core business process, called the Business Continuity Assessment Program (BCAP), oversees all Xerox functions to assure plans are in place and regularly tested to ensure we remain operational despite business risks.

Requirements of the Xerox BCAP include:

  • Establishing a command center when crises arise including a 24-hour team to conduct thorough risk assessments and mitigation plans;

  • Ensuring the command center has access to and includes the right subject matter experts including representatives from Corporate Security, Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S), Information Management, General Counsel, Operations, etc.;

  • Building supply chain and service resilience such as alternate sources of critical supplies or services should primary sources be disrupted; and

  • Crafting a flexible communication approach to keep our key stakeholders informed in a timely manner about any risks or changes to the above.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in line with our standard BCAP protocols, Xerox last month stood up a COVID-19 Response Team that meets daily, sometimes multiple times a day, and covers all elements of our operations. The Response Team includes senior and executive-level managers from across the enterprise along with our EH&S and Corporate Security teams. The team monitors all COVID-19 guidance from the CDC, WHO, and federal, state, and local governments in real-time. Xerox follows and adheres to all guidance issued by government entities. We have established a rigorous COVID-19 protocol to ensure continuity of operations and to protect the health and safety of all our stakeholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has Xerox Activated its BCAP? Yes.

2. What actions is Xerox taking to ensure business continuity for its customers? Last month, Xerox established a COVID-19 Response Team that meets regularly to monitor developments and closely follows the guidance and advisories from governments and global public health organisations. We have activated our business continuity and pandemic preparedness plans for all processes, including supply chain, manufacturing, and customer and partner service. We are establishing a rapid response process to ensure healthcare providers globally that need Xerox service and supplies are treated with priority. As this is a quickly evolving event, we will remain vigilant and responsive as new information becomes available.

3. What steps is Xerox taking to minimise exposure to its employees? Xerox closely follows the guidance and advisories from governments and global public health organisations and is collaborating with other global businesses. As of March 13, we have taken the following steps and are regularly reviewing additional actions:

  • Educating all employees about the virus;

  • Encouraging employees to work from home if they can;

  • Sharing resources and guidance on how to contain the illness;

  • Increasing and expanding cleaning of facilities;

  • Restricting business travel and events;

  • Establishing a comprehensive visitor screening process;

  • Requiring employees exhibiting any symptoms to stay at home; and

  • Enforcing a stringent return to work policy if an employee becomes ill.

3. What is Xerox doing to ensure we will get support when we call into the Xerox Help Desk? Xerox has invested in its remote support capabilities. As a result, our call center employees are remotely responding to a large percentage of service requests, improving device uptime, and eliminating the need for onsite visits from Xerox service technicians. Our Xerox call centers continue to operate. We have instructed many of our Help Desk employees to work from home and have provided them laptops and monitors to do so.

4. What is Xerox doing to ensure my technician will be available to repair my machines? We continue to provide support and service within impacted areas as national and local governments allow. Most technicians dispatch from their homes and are not dependent on local office and warehouse locations. In addition, Xerox is proactively monitoring open service calls and will rebalance workloads across our workforce to respond to our customer needs. If local operations are impacted, our service team will work with you to determine appropriate next steps.

5. What is Xerox doing to minimise parts or supply delays due to the coronavirus? At this time, COVD-19 has not impacted equipment, parts, and supplies availability. Our consumables (e.g., toner and ink) are produced close to our Americas and EMEA clients, and the pandemic response in China has not impacted the supply of these items. We are currently operating our consumables factories at typical output levels, instituting increased disinfecting and social distancing, as well as using remote support as needed. This is a developing situation and could change. Many of the parts used by our Technical Service Representatives to maintain our Xerox equipment come from areas in China where factories experienced extended Lunar New Year shutdowns. Most of our suppliers have now resumed operation near their expected levels of production output. We continue to communicate with them daily. To ensure service continuity to our clients, we are currently activating mitigation strategies to make up for the extended Lunar New Year shutdown as needed, including, but not limited to, premium airfreight, alternate sourcing, asset recovery, and reverse logistics.