Xerox® Workflow Webinar Series

Workflow solutions that maximize your productivity and profitability

Our workflow automation Webinar series is intended for print service providers of all types and sizes that are interested in learning how workflow and software solutions can make a difference in the growth and success of their business.

Join these sessions and you’ll walk away with a better understanding of:

  • Market trends that are shaping the print industry and your business

  • How workflow is working to automate businesses to the next level

  • How your peers are positioning their print service business for growth and success





7 Results-Generating Ideas Printers Can Implement Today

You rely on a mix of strategies to help your print shop flourish, but finding ideas that are both practical and impactful can be tough to come by. That’s why we brought together four leading experts to share winning insights—from marketing, sales, business strategy and operations—that can make a real difference for your organization today.

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Evolving Beyond Print – A Tale of Two Providers

The old saying “If you can’t beat them, join them” now applies to publication printers who are adding digital publishing solutions to their offerings. Hear firsthand how two commercial printers are leveraging digital publishing for their business, helping them differentiate from the competition and become more ‘sticky’ with their customers.

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Workflow Automation - What Every Printer Needs to Know

Workflow automation isn’t just for the big or specialized printers. The technology, implementation requirements and costs continue to advance such that even the smallest general commercial printers and in-plants can achieve real benefits. In this webinar hear from Chris Bradshaw, General Manager of AlphaGraphics - Layton, Utah, about his experiences in automating their workflow. The end result: labor savings in production, labor savings for the CSR team, and more satisfied customers.

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Optimizing Direct Mail with XMPie StoreFlow and AccuZIP

XMPie’s integration with AccuZIP brings postal processing, data correction and validation directly into your workflow. Join us to find out how you can save costs and increase profits by streamlining processes associated with data entry, data management, USPS mailings and multichannel communications.

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How "Handwritten" Personalization Can Boost Your XMPie Campaigns

XMPie will host Colleen Werther, Director of Business Management at, and Jeffrey Hayzlett, Primetime TV & Podcast Host and Chairman of the C-Suite Network. Learn how digital handwriting can dramatically enhance your direct marketing and cross-media campaigns with XMPie.

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Relevant Marketing: How Customers are Winning Business with Personalization

Are you getting Personal? If not, why not? Personal, 1:1, relevant communications drives volume on your presses and your customers expect it. From simple personalized letters to sophisticated designs, the right workflow is critical to meeting requirements for quality and turnaround time, at a profit to your business.

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How to Get Your Color Management Under Control

In this free webinar, industry experts and successful printers will discuss how workflow automation is being used to manage color accuracy and consistency across the entire fleet using web-based cloud technology, and what it’s doing for their business.

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Capitalizing on the Next Big Win: Print and Mobile

Wes Dowding, Director of Romax Marketing in London, explains how Romax is combining content from PDF files they’re already printing with multimedia audio and video files into apps for their clients which are playable on mobile and tablet devices - using FreeFlow Digital Publisher.

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What Every Printer Needs to Know About Automation

In this free webinar, industry experts and successful customers share how they’re automating prepress workflows, why they made the decision to automate, and what it’s done for their businesses.

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