• Intelligent Workplace Services

Intelligent Workplace Services

Build a Better Work Experience

Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services uses comprehensive security, analytics, digitization and cloud technologies and software to deliver a more seamless work experience across paper and digital platforms.
Comprehensive security built into Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services and ConnectKey® Technology.
Scalable, low-touch IT infrastructure and advanced capabilities and solutions.
Analytics for a more connected and intelligent workplace.
Optimise and automate processes for seamless collaboration and increased productivity.

What do you need help with?

Efficient Workplace

Analytics and Optimisation

How do you make your print infrastructure more efficient, affordable and sustainable?

What Your Challenges Are

  • Equipment, consumable, repair and general operation costs are too high
  • No line of sight into print usage, underutilisation or service levels
  • Power consumption and paper usage stand in the way of sustainability

How We Help You Improve the Return On Your Investment

  • Consolidate print devices to lower costs and improve energy consumption and sustainability
  • Proactively manage your print infrastructure to maximise uptime
  • Track device usage, provide performance updates and uncover improvement opportunities with intuitive dashboards, user portals and reporting
  • Establish print budgets and allocate costs

Example Results

Productive Employees

Office and Mobile Workflow Automation

How do you create a better workplace for an evolving and mobile workforce?

Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services automates processes to improve productivity and the employee experience in the office and on the go.

What Your Challenges Are

  • Untamed paper-based processes reduce productivity and increase the potential for mistakes
  • Mobile and remote workers need secure, flexible print, scan and storage capabilities
  • Employees want the same digital experience in and out of the office

How We Help You Create Workflow Automation

  • Identify paper-intensive workflows and replace them with automated ones
  • Scan paper-based information directly into business applications
  • Create searchable digital files that can be accessed and printed in the office or on the go
  • Empower mobile employees with services that can be accessed anywhere, anytime

Example Results

  • Morrell Group, a full-service automation controls design and engineering services organisation, stored more than 1,000,000 documents digitally and achieved 25% cost reduction
  • Family Services of Toronto digitised 100 years of paper records for easy access and efficient retrieval

Secure Environment

Data, Document, & Device Security

How do you stay safe from evolving external and internal security threats?

Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services uses a comprehensive approach to security to prevent breaches, detect attacks and protect your documents, devices and data.

What Your Challenges Are

  • Hacking incidents and cyberattacks are constantly evolving and increasing
  • With more connected devices than ever before, endpoints such as printers are often an overlooked vulnerability
  • Simple mistakes such as leaving documents at the printer can expose sensitive information

How We Help Secure Your Data, Documents, and Devices

  • Ensure every printer on your network complies with security policies using automated monitoring and remediation
  • Automate your response to cyberthreats with integrated print security technologies from McAfee and Cisco
  • Send automatic alerts of unauthorised disclosure of data and content
  • Release print securely only after a user authenticates at a printer

Why Xerox

  • Xerox is the only company to receive security authorisation from FedRAMP for cloud-based managed print services, an element of Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services
  • The most security-minded businesses and governments choose Xerox:
    • 10/10 Top Global Banks
    • 10/10 Largest Universities
    • All 50 U.S. State Governments
  • External partnerships with best-in-class security experts like McAfee and Cisco bolster protection of documents and data

Industry Recognition

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