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Modernise to Better Serve Patients

Digitise paper-based processes, personalise communications and achieve better outcomes.

Xerox® healthcare industry solutions help connect all the moving pieces in a complex environment. From digitising medical record-keeping processes to improving information access for payers and providers, our information management tools can help you realise efficiencies, personalise communications and interactions, and comply with regulations. When all of these things work together, the result is improved patient care.

We Help You Provide Better Care

Deliver a Better Patient Experience

With Xerox® Services for Digital Patient, you can alleviate pain points across the patient experience through the power of workflow automation and digital cataloguing. By streamlining the way you handle patient communications and medical records, you can empower your staff and create a consistent, improved experience for patients.

Xerox® Services for Digital Patient

Gain control of documents

We understand that documents — paper and digital — play a big role in healthcare. Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services (IWS) helps you gain control of document processes and costs with device utilisation and automation. We help you improve processes so you can better serve patients.

Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services

Content management made easy

Enterprise Content Management offers healthcare providers the ability to manage documents digitally, improving response time and delivery of services. Xerox® DocuShare® solutions save time and cost, and help you manage healthcare processes while doing more for patients with less.

Xerox® DocuShare® Flex for Departments

Xerox® Team Availability App

As the workforce returns to the workplace, managers need to anticipate as much as they can which resources are – or will be – available. Xerox Team Availability is a secure web portal that makes it easy for staff to log their status to attend work. It's ready to roll out with no complex IT changes and no setup fee.

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