Printing from the cloud

How a large company’s traveling executives securely print from wherever they are with cloud printing solutions

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A major energy company with a nationwide customer base has multiple offices. A constant stream of executives travels to these locations, and they need to securely print documents, often finalised at the last minute, no matter where they are — while also complying with government document security regulations.

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Cloud-based enterprise print management software will enable these executives to pull cloud printing from any Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled MFP in the print environment. In doing so, they also increase document security by requiring authentication for print/scan and copy functions.


In Action

1. Versatility in motion

Robert Smith, VP of Government Relations, is on a plane to his company’s local office in Austin to present to Texas state officials. His team in New York City is still finalizing the presentation.

2. Poised for performance

When Robert arrives in Austin, the presentation, which contains confidential information, has been finalized. He logs onto the network, locates the documents, and sends the job to print.

Print from any ConnectKey® Technology-enabled MFP or printer

3. Convenient and accessible

Robert locates an MFP close to his temporary desk and uses his building access card to identify himself to the printer.

4. Safe, confidential, reliable service

As an authenticated user, Robert securely prints the presentation and proceeds to the meeting with state officials.

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