• Xerox User Analytics Service

Xerox® User Analytics Service

Understand how printer users drive document output. This knowledge can help you capture savings, improve sustainability, tighten information security and drive digital transformation.


Unlock valuable print data and turn it into actionable insights with printer user analytics.


The Xerox® User Analytics Service helps you unlock data hidden in your print management systems, and gain insight through understanding user print behavior. Knowing how, what and when printer users are printing can ultimately save costs, improve security and modify behavior. Our User Analytics Service can capture printer user information and present it in clear, useful visualisations.


Get more from your data, securely.


The Xerox® User Analytics Data Communicator protects your data in a number of ways. It can remove key personal information, such as document and user names, before uploading to the secure cloud. The data is then encrypted prior to transmission via banking-level encrypted HTTPS security. You’ll have confidence knowing printer user data is handled with both security and privacy.


Enjoy the benefits of useful, usable data. 

With the knowledge gained from Xerox® User Analytics Services, organisations can:

  • Identify printing peaks, so service teams can adjust device resources accordingly.
  • See which users print a lot and who’s using colour or duplex.
  • Improve security by identifying who prints outside of work hours.
  • Enforce established print, security and sustainability policies.
  • Achieve better control over printing today and plan for future needs.
  • Utilise visual, intuitive dashboards to capture the true picture of printer user behavior.
  • Identify process points that are candidates for digital transformation or workflow optimisation.
  • See in-depth analysis of document costs and automated internal cost recharging.

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