• There’s never been a better time to dive into triggered direct mail.

There’s never been a better time to dive into triggered direct mail.

Here’s how it works. Based on what action a consumer takes, a particular trigger determines the type of message that is sent. The communication goes out quickly, within 24 to 48 hours, while the action and motive are fresh in the mind of the consumer. As a result, the attention of a highly qualified prospect may be captured at the peak of their purchasing probability.

Key Stats and Opportunities

CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE TRIGGER POINTS: Abandoned cart, Call center query, Content download, Event attendance, Inactive account, Landing page visit, Loyalty membership, New customer, Product demo, Seasonal behaviors.


Triggered direct mail automation complements omni-channel strategies and serves all stages of the customer lifecycle.

Up to 60% of cart abandonment messages result in a purchase within 24 hours of send.

75% online shopping carts are abandoned across 500 leading global brands

A customer lifecycle trigger point provides valuable information about a customer. Even if it’s just what they left in their abandoned cart, that gives you the basis for targeting.

Direct mail has response rates up to 5.1% versus 0.6%1 for digital.

79% of consumers act on direct mail right away, vs only 45% for email.

Direct mail may have a higher cost than some digital channels, but it’s worth it. It’s a familiar tool for printers and marketers and it’s re-energized by data targeting and lifecycle trigger points.

Print providers with the right skills and resources can help marketers take advantage of this opportunity along the buying journey.

Whether new to triggered direct mail or simply trying to capture more business, download our guide to learn:

  • How to understand what consumer data is available.
  • How to best use that data to send personalised communications around key actions to persuade them to purchase.
  • How to maximise your direct mail personalisation and automation by investing in the right prepress and production suite.
  • How to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of triggered direct mail as part of integrated campaigns.

Triggered Direct mail Guide front page

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