• The false economy of cheap toner

The false economy of cheap toner 

You’re a smart office manager and you’re looking for ways to lower the costs of printing in your business. Makes sense. 
To do that, you stop buying the best quality toner and start buying bargain-brand supplies from some company you’ve found online. Okay. 

Here’s the thing – cheap toner costs you way more in the long run. 

In fact, it costs you in three big ways. 

1.    Low quality documents – which means your company doesn’t look nearly as good as it should. No one wants to walk into a meeting with a faded, smudge-ridden proposal. 

2.    Leaky cartridges - that cause printer jams and in some cases even break the printer. You could blame your printer, sure. But it’d be like blaming a car that runs on gasoline for struggling to run on diesel.  

Bargain toner

That brings us to the third cost. This is the one that really hurts. 

3.    Extra work – and not just for you. Everyone else in the office has to wait for the printer to be up and running again. Which means the so-called bargain brand is actually holding up the entire office – and no one wants that.  

So let’s take stock. 

You bought the bargain-brand toner to save money. But your documents look worse, your printer’s got problems, you’ve got to fix them and your colleagues can’t actually do what they need to do. 

In the long run, cheap toner just causes more problems and wastes your time and money. 

Don’t let the price tag fool you. 

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