Put Print Devices to Work

Streamline operations and maximize your time with ConnectKey®

Looking for the ideal office assistant – one that’s smart, affordable and reliable? Look no further than our ConnectKey-enabled MFPs, which combine high-quality hardware with innovative software to change the way you work.

  • Higher productivity. ConnectKey-enabled devices are sophisticated, yet easy to set up, configure, use and manage. Employees can use the tablet-like interface to send documents to the cloud, print remotely, create electronic documents, translate text, copy, scan and so much more. It’s as easy as using a smartphone.
  • Streamlined IT. Don’t waste your valuable time administering devices, giving printer tutorials and putting out fires. Focus on what you do best as an IT manager – creatively leveraging technology to simplify business processes and maximize efficiency. Thanks to ConnectKey software, your devices can be optimized easily and managed remotely. Employees can request service or supplies with the touch of a button. Apps can be pre-installed, downloaded from the AppGallery, and customized to suit any business or business function.
  • Secure devices and data. You can rest easy knowing that your organization’s print infrastructure and assets are secure. Our MFPs feature intrusion prevention, device detection and document protection technology, adhering to the highest industry standards. That means your company data – and that of customers, employees, patients or partners – won’t get into the wrong hands.

Xerox ConnectKey might just be the smartest, hardest-working assistant you’ll ever hire.