• Case Study: Jubels
Case Study: Jubels

Case Study: Jubels

The Challenge
Jubels had to contend with fierce local competition for market share. To stay on the leading edge, they needed to find ways to open up new revenue streams, better connect with customers and continuously improve output quality.

The Solution
Sensing an opportunity to deepen their relationship with professional photographers and other quality-conscious customers, Jubels CEO Jeroen van Druenen decided to trade in their legacy Xerox® iGen® 150 and invest in the Xerox® iGen® 5 Press.

The Result

  • Maintained high volume of small 100–1000 output jobs for a total of three million clicks per year with iGen® 5
  • Low maintenance requirements and simple color swapping helped increase uptime to 89.1%
  • 70% of work is now done using Xerox® FreeFlow® Core automation, reducing touchpoints, downtime and lost revenue from human error

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