Description - FlowPort
Integrate critical business information into electronic workflows with FlowPort. Enable the integration of paper documents with groupware, e-mail/messaging and document management systems. Leverage network digital devices, such as digital copiers and Internet fax machines.

FlowPort™ features a unique user interface that gives users the capability to access and control documents without using a PC. FlowPort™ is Xerox's answer to being limitless, not paperless.

Product Highlights - FlowPort
Simple user interface

Seamless paper/digital bridge

Easy remote access

Open: Leverage Internet standard interfaces

Unique PaperWare® user interface

Ensure strong protection with multi-level security architecture.

Modify applications to meet customer needs.

FlowPort allows you to distribute, store or retrieve documents by checking a box on a PaperWare® form using DataGlyph® technology.

Accelerate paper-driven business processes, increasing productivity and profitability.

Increase process efficiency by maximizing the use of existing office equipment, network infrastructure and paper processes.

Leverage existing messaging, workflow, groupware and document management systems.

Web-Based so you can achieve flexibility without installing client software.