BARR Enterprise Print Server® (BEPS)

BARR Enterprise Print Server (BEPS) controls workflow, routes jobs, and manages print destinations simultaneously across the entire enterprise with a comprehensive view of all documents and printers. With BEPS, you can consolidate print from data centers, departments, and desktops to a single point and distribute the output to production, workgroup, desktop printers, and other destinations.

Key Features

  • Automates queue management and job routing to local or remote printers
  • Produces jobs automatically, or releases batches by destination or other requirements
  • Receives files from a variety of sources, including Windows™ programs, TCP/IP hosts, mainframe, Unix™ machines, and network directories
  • Manages and stores host resources and forms overlays
  • Compresses data prior to encryption, eliminating redundant data and improving the robustness of encryption
  • Reprints jobs without reprocessing at the source
  • Processes jobs independently of one another with no arbitrary limits on the number of concurrent tasks
Managing print jobs for an entire enterprise is complex. The available printers are often not used efficiently, slowing down printing times and wasting resources.

Key Challenges

  • Need to install new printing equipment without making changes to existing applications
  • No visibility to all available printers and upcoming jobs
  • Increased cost and time wasted to reprint jobs
  • Data security
With BEPS, you can eliminate the need to resubmit the jobs at the host. Split large print jobs between printers to optimize all available assets.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Allows customers to leverage their investment in existing applications.
  • Centralized resource management and seamless reprint capabilities to improve oversight of job loads, print quality, equipment performance and productivity.