ASE DataPrep IServer

DataPrep is a high availability system for controlling and managing the flow of data throughout an enterprise.
  • Designed to easily integrate print files with an organization's print workflow for immediate productivity gains
  • For retail industries, on demand label generation eliminates long lead times and decreases shelf stocking error
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Key Features

  • Designed with powerful logging and notification features so administrators can stay current with the distribution status of mission crucial transactional documents
  • Possesses built-in features to zip, parse, redirect, convert to PDF, archive, clean outdated files, call arbitrary executables, FTP, LPR and more
The integration and movement of large volumes of transactional documents between applications and output devices is complex and expensive. Retail industries need quick turnaround of label generation.

Key Challenges

  • Leveraging the numerous connectivity and data stream conversions for integration. Printing jobs on:
    • Multiple host types
    • Multiple data streams
    • Multiple output device types
  • Need for productivity gains in data centers for intelligent job output
Help operators decrease their intervention and increase the speed that documents move throughout the enterprise.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • To move any size corporation to transactional print or on demand label generation for color digital devices
  • To automate workflows for efficiencies
  • To help customers control the flow of data and distribution of print