FreeFlow™ Web Services

Finishing and Options

Site Customisation:

By providing customers with Web sites customised to their look and feel, Web Services makes print providers a strategic partner. This dynamic branding application enables the print provider to control and customise the Web "skins" for individual print buyers, providing complete design control over the main print buyer application windows as well as styling control over the fonts, colour, and size. Providing customers with consistent Web presence in turn increases loyalty.

Book Assembly:

With the Web Services Book Assembly option, customers can dynamically create bound books, integrating multiple files or just a single file into a single book. Print buyers can soft proof a variety of content, binding options, and tabs prior to submitting the book for print.

Credit Card / Online Payment:

Web Services makes accepting payment online extremely simple and trouble-free. The Credit Card Module enables secure online payment with credit cards or online payment using popular e-commerce sites like®, DebiTech™, Moneries, Paymaster, Saferpay®, Tranzila, Citelis and PayPal™.

VIPP Emitter:

With this module, any VIPP-enabled digital front end can achieve optimal printing of variable data, optimising your variable data printing and giving your customers even more control - from wherever they are.

Data Export:

Data Export enables Web Services to easily integrate with various peripheral systems existing in a print provider's organisation (such as accounting and estimating). This option reduces errors by enabling your customers' operators to export data from Web Services directly to peripheral systems. It also allows them to export select data to an Excel spreadsheet. The Data Export option is also required for, and designed to integrate, with the LDAP Adapter.

LDAP Adapter:

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Adapter enables user authentication when logging into the Web Services system by way of a directory service. This optional module is designed to integrate with the Data Export module, This option requires additional Professional Services.
Prerequisite: Web Services Data Export optional module.

Direct Marketing Links:

The Direct Marketing Link is an application "link" or interface that enables integration of Web Services and 3rd party applications such as variable data, image generation, and barcode printing to increase the capabilities and effectiveness of direct mail campaigns. It is required for, and designed to integrate with, the XMPie PersonalEffect and DirectSmile Adapters.

DirectSmile Image Generator:

The DirectSmile Image Generator Adapter allows users to incorporate personalised image layouts and rendered images generated with DirectSmile into a Web Services template.
Prerequisite: The DirectSmile Generator software needs to be purchased separately from DirectSmile and is included within the DirectSmile VDP Studio v.3.5 solution. Prerequisite: Web Services Direct Marketing Links optional module.

XMPie™ PersonalEffect™ Adapter:

The XMPie PersonalEffect Adapter allows users of the XMPie PersonalEffect software solution to integrate with Web Services to select and order campaign templates created and stored in the XMPie PersonalEffect Server from within Web Services. This provides a print buyer the ability to access, customise, and order VI campaigns directly from Web Services, including dynamic proofing and the generation of all VI output formats which are supported in PersonalEffect. This option requires additional Professional Services, which are billed separately.
Prerequisite: Web Services Direct Marketing Links optional module.