FreeFlow™ DocuSP™

Benefits - FreeFlow DocuSP
  • Digital front-end solution delivers unparalleled flexibility and powerful processing across the Xerox line of production printers
  • Reduces training costs with a "train once" paradigm due to DocuSP's familiar Windows-like user interface
  • Provides data stream flexibility and power to support a broad range of production print requirements
  • Offers support for superior finishing capabilities and image quality
  • Part of the collection of products and partners that will help you reduce costs and increase productivity
Features - FreeFlow DocuSP
  • Delivers sophisticated color management for excellent image quality and composite caching for optimized printing of full color documents, including Automatic Image Enhancement for photographs
  • Facilitates the submission of print-ready jobs with Hot Folders - simply drag and drop files for automatic printing
  • Includes imposition power to layout complex documents such as books, catalogs and manuals
  • Provides concurrency of operation to produce hundreds of small jobs or transactional data jobs with thousands of customer database entries
  • Allows up to 250 possible print queues that can be programmed to perform a range of operations including duplexing, color splitting, and variable information composition and layout
  • Handles common data streams including IBM IPDS , HP PCL, Adobe PostScript, LCDS, PDF, TIFF , VIPP, and PPML
  • Supports file submission from desktop/commercial publishing workflows, data from mainframe systems, data from client/server architectures, and XML/database/ASCII input from e-commerce systems
Key Applications - FreeFlow DocuSP
  • Fulfills the needs of nearly every print production environment using any of the full range of Xerox digital production printers:
    • Production Color: DocuColor® & iGen3®
    • Production Monochrome: DocuPrint® & Nuvera®
    • Production Publishing: DocuTech®
    • Continuous Feed Printing