Copieur/imprimante Xerox® D95A/D110/D125 et imprimante D110/D125

Copieur/imprimante Xerox® D95A/D110/D125 et imprimante D110/D125


Print: 2400 x 2400 dpi
RIP: 1200 x 1200 dpi
Scan: 600 x 600 dpi
106 lpi (default) or 150 lpi (high quality mode)
Volume mensuel moyen recommandé
70,000 - 700,000 pages per month
Volume mensuel maximum
2,000,000 pages per month
Vitesse de numérisation
200 ipm, simplex/duplex (Copier/Printer configurations only)


Fonctionnalités en standard
D95A/D110/D125 Copier/Printer: Monochrome printing and copying, colour scanning, print-from- and scan-to-USB
D110/D125 Printer: Monochrome Printing
Fonctionnalités en option
Alimentation et Finition
Mode de tirage


Interface utilisateur
Interface tactile couleur

Gestion des supports

Alimentation papier
5 standard
Capacité papier standard
4,050 sheets
Capacité papier maximum avec options
8,050 sheets
Format support - Minimum
102 x 152 mm
Format support - Maximum
330 x 488 mm
Grammage - Minimum
52 g/m²
Grammage - Maximum
253 g/m²
Types de support
Carbonless, DocuCards, document folders, synthetics, tabs, labels, speciality media, coated stock
Refer to customer expectations setting document for supported media and capabilities for coated stocks


Magasin 1
1,100 sheets (A4)
Magasin 2
1,600 sheets (A4)
Magasin 3
550 sheets (up to SRA3)
Magasin 4
550 sheets (up to SRA3)
Magasin 5
250 sheets (up to SRA3)
Chargeur automatique de documents recto verso (standard)
250 sheets
Magasin grande capacité en option
  • High Capacity feeder: Two trays with 2,000 sheets each (4,000 sheets total), A4
  • Oversize High Capacity Feeders: One or two trays with 2,000 sheets each (4,000 sheets total), 330 x 488 mm (second tray available for D110/D125 Copier/Printer only)
Autres modules d'entrée en option
Standard Inserter: 200 sheets


Module de finition
Standard Finisher:
  • 3,000 sheet stacker capacity
  • 500 sheet top tray capacity
  • Variable-length stapler – Staples up to 100 sheets, multi-position single or dual
  • 2 and 4 hole punch (Europe and South America), 4 hole Swedish punch
  • Built-in bi-directional de-curler
Standard Finisher Plus (D110/D125 only):
  • Same features as Standard Finisher with up to 2,000 sheet stack capacity along with integrated DFA architecture required to enable a variety of third party in-line finishing options
Booklet Maker Finisher: All the features of the Standard Finisher plus:
  • Creates saddle-stitched booklets of up to 25 sheets, for a total of 100 imposed pages
  • Creates booklets from A4, B4, A3, or SRA3
  • Allows integration of colour covers
Plockmatic Pro 50/35 Booklet Maker (available with Standard Finisher Plus configurations of the D110/D125 only)
  • Saddle stitch and fold from 2 sheets to 35/50 sheets producing up to a 140/200-page (80 g/m²)
  • SquareFold, Trimmer and Cover Feeder available
Module de rogne de chasse Squarefold
Xerox SquareFold™ Trimmer Module:
  • Standalone module attaches to Booklet Maker Finisher
  • Trim capacity 5-20 sheets (90 g/m²) or 5-25 sheets (78 g/m²)
  • Accurately trims for sharp, clear results
  • Allows the user to control amount of trim and thickness (2 – 20 mm, adjustable in 0.1 mm increments)
  • Creates booklets that can be opened flat without damaging the spine
GBC® AdvancedPunch™ (D110/D125 only):
  • Several customer replaceable Die Sets available
  • Supports A4 long edge feed, 75 - 216 g/m²
Reliure spirale
GBC eBinder 200 (available with Standard Finisher Plus configurations of the D110/D125 only)
  • Stack, punch and bind lay flat (A4) booklets from 5 to 100 sheets
  • Self-adjusting bind elements (one-size-fits-all) available in black, navy blue, white and frost/clear
  • Pass through capability permits chaining with other finishing alternatives
Xerox Tape Binder (available with Standard Finisher Plus configurations of the D110/D125 only)
  • Binds 10-125 sheets of 75 g/m² paper
  • Individual tape refill provides 425 11" binds
  • C-fold and Z-fold of A4
  • Bi-fold A4, B4, or A3
  • Engineering Z-fold folds A3 for insertion into A4 sets
  • Print on inside or outside of folded paper
Bac à décalage
High Capacity Stacker (D110/D125 only):
  • 5,000-sheet offsetting output stack tray (B5 LEF to SRA3)
  • 500-sheet top tray capacity
  • Includes one rollaway cart – additional carts available

Contrôleurs d'impression

Serveurs d'impression
Copier/Printer: Printer:

Conditions électriques et dimensions

Alimentation électrique
Print Engine: 208 - 240 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 15/13 amp
Optional controller: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 amp
Optional Feeding/Finishing: Each module requires 100 - 240 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 15/13 amp


Fonctions de Sécurité
  • Standard Secure Print, Authentication with LDAP/Kerberos/SMB/CAC, Password Protected PDF, FIPS 140-2 encryption, S/MIME Encrypted Email, IPsec, 802.1X, SNMP v3.0, Email over SSL, Image Overwrite (3x or 1x, Immediate, Scheduled, On Demand) Hard Disk Data Encryption, Audit Log Optional CAC, Secure Access Unified ID System®
  • IPv6 Ready
  • 256 Bit Encryption
  • Common Criteria Certified
  • Job Based Accounting


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