Xerox® D136 Copier/Printer
Τελική επεξεργασία και Επιλογές

Xerox® D136 Copier/Printer

Τελική επεξεργασία και Επιλογές

Τελικοί επεξεργαστές
Τελική επεξεργασία Standard Finisher:
  • 3,000 sheet stacker capacity
  • 500 sheet top tray capacity
  • Variable-length stapler – Staples up to 100 sheets, multi-position single or dual
  • 2 and 4 hole punch, 4 hole Swedish punch
  • Built-in bi-directional de-curler
Standard Finisher Plus:
  • Same features as Standard Finisher with up to 2,000 sheet stack capacity along with integrated DFA architecture required to enable a variety of third party in-line finishing options
Booklet Making Booklet Maker Finisher: All the features of the Standard Finisher with a 2000 sheet stacker, as well as:
  • Creates saddle-stitched booklets of up to 25 sheets, for a total of 100 imposed pages
  • Creates booklets from A4, B4, A3, or SRA3
  • Allows integration of colour covers
Plockmatic Pro 50/35 Booklet Maker:
  • Saddle stitch and fold from 2 sheets to 50/35 sheets producing up to a 200/140-page (80 g/m²)
  • SquareFold Trimmer and Cover Feeder available
Hole PunchingGBC® AdvancedPunch™
  • Several customer replaceable die sets available
  • Supports A4 long edge feed, 75 - 216 g/m²
SquareFold TrimmingSquareFold™ Trimmer Module
  • Square fold up to 25 sheets (100 pages)
  • Face trim between 2 - 20 mm in 0.1 mm increments
  • 64 g/m² - 300 g/m² (uncoated); 106 g/m² to 300 g/m² (coated)
  • Accepts paper sizes 216 mm x 270 mm minimum; 330 mm x 457 mm maximum
  • Available with Booklet Maker Finisher only
Tape BindingXerox Tape Binder
  • Binds 10-125 sheets of 75 g/m² paper
  • Individual tape refill provides 425 11" binds
  • C-fold and Z-fold of A4
  • A4, B4, or A3
  • Engineering Z-fold folds A3 for insertion into A4 sets
  • Print on inside or outside of folded paper
StackingHigh Capacity Stacker
  • 5,000-sheet offsetting output stack tray (B5 LEF to SRA3)
  • 500-sheet top tray capacity
  • Includes one rollaway cart – additional carts available

  • 2-Tray High-Capacity Feeder: Two trays with 2,000 sheets each (4,000 sheets total), A4
  • 2-Tray Oversized High-Capacity Feeder: One or two trays with 2,000 sheets each (4,000 sheets total), 330 x 488 mm

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