Xerox 4112/4127™ Copier/Printer


Automatizace a integrace celého výrobního procesu. Přímo u vás či v cloudu.
FreeFlow Digital Publisher dramaticky rozšiřuje váš dosah prostřednictvím interaktivní, působivé, elektronické komunikace. V podniku či v cloudu.
FreeFlow Makeready zjednodušuje kroky předtiskové přípravy.
FreeFlow Output Manager improves your digital print production capacity, turnaround and productivity by centralising control of print job management across multiple production systems.
FreeFlow™ Variable Information Suite offers a powerful portfolio of tools for maximum production efficiency of variable data print and electronic presentment.
Xerox FreeFlow Web Services provides your customers with convenient 24/7 access to your services – without 24/7 staffing. It consolidates your orders – Web, phone, fax and walk in – to automate job ticketing, tracking and routing, plus it makes it easy to add capabilities that can translate into more business.