Benefits - ImageSite
  • Web-based document management solution speeds up your projects
  • Dramatically reduces distribution and reprographics costs
  • Eliminates errors due to incorrect revision problems
  • Improves communications through "live" conferencing
  • Eliminates the need to install and maintain software applications on each client PC
Features - ImageSite
  • Enables viewing, collaboration, and distribution of large-format documents using Internet Explorer on Windows platforms
  • Provides unprecedented accessibility and control to creators, distributors, and managers of technical documents
  • Unique communications tools enable multiple users to view and mark up documents online, without CAD software
  • Vectored login directs viewers to specific documents, keeping other project files secure
  • Powerful search engine and check-in alert system help to keep archived files complete
Key Applications - ImageSite
  • Ideal in large deployment, multiple site configurations