GBC® ProClick® Pronto™ P2000 Finisher

Increase your print finishing productivity and profit returns with the revolutionary ProClick® Pronto™ P2000. This automated desktop binding unit creates bound documents in seconds – without special operator training. Differentiate your offering by binding with the ProClick® spine. It is easy to edit, stylish, and lies flat for ease of use. Pre-loaded cassettes enable you to bind quickly.
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Key Features

  • 6-second bind cycle enables binding of up to 450 books per hour
  • Simple one-button operation - no user training required
  • Intuitive LCD interface provides easy-to-follow instructions
  • Document-sizer ensures correct spine selection every time
  • Pre-loaded cassettes holding 20 spines each eliminate the need for loading individual spines
  • Small footprint occupies no more space than a laser printer
Traditional punching is time consuming and complex.

Key Challenges

  • Binding document is time consuming.
  • Binding machines are complicated to use and figure out.
Differentiate your offering by binding with the ProClick Pronto P2000. This automated desktop system pairs superior productivity and ease of use with the sleek appearance and true editability of the revolutionary ProClick® binding style to turn your pre-punched documents into professional presentations.

Why Choose Xerox?

The P2000 pairs nicely with the GBC® AdvancedPunch™ or FusionPunch® II to deliver a simple yet efficient binding solution for any environment.