C.P. Bourg BDF-x Document Finisher

The C.P. Bourg BDFx Document Finisher is a fully automated signature booklet maker controlled by a user-friendly touchscreen interface in which stitching, folding, and trimming operations are completed in a single enclosed unit automatically, completely without tools for size or application changeovers.

Able to operate connected directly to any of various Xerox presses and with a variety of C.P. Bourg modules, the BDFx is the perfect choice for commercial shops or in-plants that need to produce a range of booklet sizes in runs from one to 10,000.

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  • Coated or uncoated, 60 to 300 gsm paper
  • Paper sizes from 120 x 203 mm to 356 x 520 mm
  • Sheets can be folded and saddle stitched to create impressive brochures, calendars or other booklets up to 1356 x 260 mm
  • Top or corner stitching from 2 to 55 sheets of 80 gsm paper (22 sheets if folded)
  • Booklet thickness can be 2 to 22 sheets (80 gsm)
  • Built in face trim up to 25 mm
  • Touchscreen controlled
  • Stores settings for 90+ saved jobs
  • Patented self-threading stitching wire cassette holds up to 50,000 stitches and allows for simple, tool-less spool changes
  • Optional two to four moveable ISP or Hohner stitch heads enable smaller booklets to be printed two-up to increase productivity
  • Low-friction paper transport with a unique lugged belt gently pushes the collated set to each of the three finishing functions without scuffing or marking
Increased competition, tighter budgets and a shrinking supply of skilled labour are forcing print shops to do more work faster, and with less equipment, floor space and staff.


  • Industry trends toward shorter print runs and quicker turnaround times put constant pressure on operating efficiency
  • Shrinking supply of skilled labour makes it harder to find workers capable of operating complex finishing machinery
  • Relentless demand for quality finished products in a wide range of finished styles and sizes strains the capabilities of workflow, equipment and staff
  • Absolute requirement for set integrity in digital, variable data environments requires minimising finishing production errors
  • Wider variety of coated and uncoated stock for colour and monochrome work demands more sophisticated paper handling
  • Tighter budgets, less floor space and smaller staff sizes have become "the new normal" – increasing demands for efficiency and automation at all operational levels
The C.P. Bourg BDFx Document Finisher best addresses the challenges of having to do more with less by providing a versatile, economical and reliable in-line solution for producing finished "documents of one" at unrivaled quality and speed.
  • Superior digital in-line stitch-fold-trim booklet making
  • Able to process more jobs in less time using less of your shop’s floorspace
  • Flexibility and precision to make fine adjustments on the fly
  • Designed for continuous production while maintaining job integrity
  • Compatibility with Bourg production options for added finishing flexibility and efficiency

Was spricht für Xerox?

  • A simpler solution to finishing and booklet making, driven by time savings, simplicity and waste reduction
  • Proven operation with various Xerox monochrome and colour marking engines
  • Chosen as the Xerox 2012 Overall Business Innovation Partner for the eighth consecutive year – this reflects C.P. Bourg’s enduring and steadfast commitment to Xerox and its customers
  • Designed to deliver the full measure of C.P. Bourg cornerstones of Quality, Innovation and Efficiency
Xerox award-winning digital presses can be enhanced with feeding and finishing equipment. Functionality may vary by product model. Contact your local sales representative for detailed compatibility information.