Presse Xerox iGen™ 150

Presse Xerox iGen™ 150


Vitesse nominale
  • 3,000 660 mm 4/0 sheets per hour (150 A4 impressions per minute)
  • 4,500 A3 4/0 sheets per hour
  • 8,250 A4 sheets per hour
  • Résolution
    2400 x 2400 dpi
    Volume mensuel moyen recommandé
    200,000 - 3,750,000 pages per month
    160 lpi, 180 lpi, 210 lpi, 250 lpi


    Mode de tirage


    Moteur d'impression
    Xérographie de presse couleur numérique (Digital Color Press Xerography)

    Gestion des supports

    Alimentation papier
    Up to 6 feeder modules, each with 2 trays
    Capacité papier standard
    30,000 sheets
    Capacité papier maximum avec options
    80,000 sheets
    Format support - Minimum
    178 x 178 mm
    Format support - Maximum
    364 x 660 mm
    Grammage - Minimum
    60 g/m²
    Grammage - Maximum
    350 g/m²
    Types de support
  • Coated, uncoated, textured, specialty stocks
  • Recycled, perforated, tabs, transparencies, a wide variety of labels, synthetics, DocuCard®, Never Tear, DuraPaper®, UltraMagnet, DocuMagnet
  • Mixed-stock jobs supported at rated speed
  • No drying time before coating
  • Entrée

    Autres modules d'entrée en option
  • Up to six feeder modules/12 trays
  • Each tray holds 254 mm (2,500 sheets 120 gsm)
  • Any supported stock in any tray
  • Up to 30,000-sheet capacity or more
  • Magasin grande capacité en option
    SheetFeeder iG provides up to 50,000 additional sheets per roll


    Capacité en sortie
    Two carts per stacker; stacker cart holds 12" (3,000 sheets) 80 lb. coated text - up to four stackers available


    • Xerox IntegratedPLUS finishing solution
    • C.P. Bourg BDFEx Document Finisher
    • C.P. Bourg BDFx Booklet Maker
    • Duplo DBM-5001 Inline Booklet Maker
    Bac à décalage
    Module de réception Multigraf
    Reliure sans couture
    Xerox Book Factory
    Reliure spirale
    GBC® Fusion Punch II™
    Scoring, cutting, slitting, and perforating with Rollem JetSlit System
    • C.P. Bourg BDFEx Document Finisher
    • C.P. Bourg BDFx Booklet Maker
    • Duplo DBM-5001 Inline Booklet Maker
    Autres modules de sortie en option
    UV Coater

    Contrôleurs d'impression

    Serveurs d'impression
  • Xerox® FreeFlow™ Print Server
  • Xerox® EX Print Server, Powered by Fiery®
  • Conditions électriques et dimensions

    L: 7,210 mm x W: 1,829 mm x h: 2,438 mm