Xerox® 650/1300™ Impressora de Alimentação Contínua

Xerox® 650/1300™ Impressora de Alimentação Contínua


Velocidade nominal
  • 91.44 metres per minute (300 feet per minute) switchable to 68.58 metres (225 feet) and 59.13 metres (194 feet) per minute
  • 616 impressions per minute 2-up simplex A4 or 1,232 impressions per minute 2-up duplex A4
  • 1,309 impressions per minute 3-up simplex A5 or 2,618 impressions per minute 3-up duplex A5
  • Resolução
    1200 x 600 and 600 x 600 dpi


    Impressão de alimentação contínua
    Gestão da linha de impressão
    Xerox patented technology for bi-directional communication of components in print line
    Faces impressas
    Duplex (Duplex printing requires 2 print engines)


    PDLs (Linguagem de Impressão)
    Native: IPDS (type 4) capabilities including compressed images
  • Xerox FreeFlow Print Server: Supports PostScript, PDF, PCL, TIFF, VIPP, and PPML
  • Emtex VIP: Supports LCDS/Metacode and AFPDS to IPDS
  • Interfaces de Rede
    Up to 2 host connections per engine
  • TCPIP: Gigabit/100MBit (auto) Ethernet
  • Channel S/370 (optional)
  • Processo/Formação de imagem
    Xerographic print engine with light emitting diode (LED) technology
    Tecnologia do dispositivo
    Fusing Method: Flash Fusing - non-contact fusing that allows media to retain its properties
    Interface de Utilizador
    Touch-screen graphical user interface

    Alimentação de Papel

    Dimensões do papel - mínimas
    Pinfed: 165.1 x 76.2 mm (6.5" x 3")
    Pinless: 203.2 x 76.2 mm (8" x 3")
    Dimensões do papel - máximas
    Pinfed: 495.3 x 711.2 mm (19.5" x 28")
    Pinless: 495.3 x 711.2 mm (19.5" x 28")
    Gramagens dos suportes - mínima
    Pinfed: 60 gsm (16 lb bond)
    Pinless: 64 gsm (17 lb bond)
    Gramagens dos suportes - máxima
    Pinfed: 160 gsm (43 lb bond)
    Pinless: 200 gsm (17 53 bond)
    Tipos de suportes de impressão
  • Supports internal box-fed, pin-fed, fan-fold media for simplex jobs
  • Pinless configuration supports pre-printed forms (letterhead, newsletters, cards, speciality media)
  • Pinless Lightweight Media Enablement available for customers that want to run lightweight media, in some cases as light as 40 gsm
  • Pinless Heavyweight Media Enablement available for customers that want to run media as heavy as 200 gsm
  • Finalização

    Pre- and Post-Processing: Support for external third-party unwinder and post-processing solutions
    Internal Stacker

    Controladores de impressão

    Optional Print Servers:
  • Xerox FreeFlow™ Print Server
  • Emtex, a Pitney Bowes company
  • Ambiente

    Per engine:
  • Depth: 990 mm (39.0")
  • Width: 2,990 mm (117.8")
  • Height: 1,550 mm (61.1")