DocuPrint™ 1050/1050MX Continuous Feed


Rated speed
High: 244 feet per minute
1064 ipm duplex (8.5" x 11", two-up) to 976 ipm duplex (6" x 9", three-up)
Low: 195 feet per minute
850 ipm duplex (8.5" x 11", two-up) to 1560 ipm duplex (6" x 9", three-up)
Input: 240 x 240, 300 x 300 or 600 x 600 dpi
Output: 480 x 480 or 600 x 600 dpi
Duty cycle
20,000,000+ 8.5 x 11 2-up images per month


Standard Capabilities
Pinless or pinfed continuous print (MICR is supported for pinfeed only)
Printed Sides
(Requires two DocuPrint engines for duplex operation)
MX configuration only
(MICR is supported on the upstream engine only in a twin duplex configuration)


Standard: Native IPDS (all AFP towers supported)
Optional: Adobe PostScript®, TIFF, PCL, PDF, ASCII via DocuSP (LCDS and AFP via Emtex)
Network Interfaces
IBM Channel S/370 Interface; TCP/IP Ethernet 1 Gigabit; TCP/IP Token Ring; TCP/IP Ethernet 10/100
User Interface
15" Full-color touch screen graphical user interface
Double Xeon
512 MB
Hard Disk
40 GB

Paper Handling

Standard paper capacity
up to 16" high stack of fanfold (4,000 sheets, 28 lb)
Media Dimensions - Minimum
Width (pinfed): 8.3", Width (pinless): 8.0", Length: 5.83"
Media Dimensions - Maximum
Width (pinfed): 19.5", Width (pinless): 19.5", Length: 22"
Media Weight - Minimum
16 lbs
Media Weight - Maximum
42 lbs
Media Types
pinless, pinfed, preprinted, plain, boxed fanfold forms, and roll-fed paper


Other Input Devices
Support for external third-party unwinder solutions


Stitched Sets
  • Lasermax LX Saddle Stitch for Digi-stitch
  • IBIS Digi-Stitcher DST2
  • Stacker
  • Lasermax CD Unwind to Cut
  • Lasermax LX Stack / Pinless Merge / Lightweight
  • Lasermax RS TwoUp / ThreeUp
  • Lasermax RS MultiUp
  • Standard Hunkeler Roll to Cut with CS4/N Narrow
  • Standard Hunkeler Roll to Cut with CS4-W Wide Cutter
  • Binder
  • Lasermax LX Perfect Bind for AmigoDigital
  • IBIS Smart-Binder SB-1
  • IBIS Smart-Binder SB-2
  • IBIS Smart-Binder SB-3
  • IBIS Smart-Binder SB-4
  • Muller Martini Sigma Binding line
  • Folder
  • Lasermax CD Unwind to Fold
  • Lasermax RS AutoLoad
  • Lasermax RS Separate/Fold
  • Standard Hunkeler Roll to Cut to Folding Machine
  • Standard Hunkeler Roll to Cut Stack or Folding Machine
  • Lasermax LX Signature Fold
  • Other Finishing Options
  • Lasermax CD Unwind to Rewind
  • Lasermax LX Unwind to Rewind
  • Lasermax RS Roll-to-Roll
  • Standard Hunkeler Roll to Roll with Xerox Printing System
  • WEKO-RFDi Damping System
  • Roll Systems RollAbout Carts
  • Roll Systems StackRack Carts
  • Print Controllers

    Digital Front Ends
    FreeFlow DocuSP (optional)


    Electrical Requirements
    208/220/230/240 Volts