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How a global business school transformed print services to improve the student experience

IESE unifies services, adds digitisation with Xerox Managed Print Services

IESE Business School is a global business university offering MBA and Executive Education programs that are ranked among the world's best. Founded in 1958, it has sites in Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, New York, and Sao Paulo.

IESE wanted a more flexible and secure print management system that would better integrate across its office and print center environments, and better serve students, faculty and staff at its Barcelona and Madrid campuses. It also wanted to gain technological functionalities that would offer a more digital experience and valuable new solutions for its 5,000 + users.

The new print services model needed to integrate print resources for its reprographic center and distributed printing services, work across all the school’s business lines and technologies, and integrate with its payment platform through which students pay for services.

After reviewing five possible providers in its request for proposal process, the school chose Xerox to quickly implement an improved, unified print model before students returned to campus.

Xerox’s Southern Europe Field Marketing team tailored capabilities offered by Xerox® Managed Print Services. to create a flexible, secure, and productive service model.

IESE is now able to provide more efficient and productive print services to students, teachers, and internal staff via a single strategic partner.

The Challenge

A single, more flexible print services provider

The IESE Business School, a highly-rated global business university with sites in Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, New York, and Sao Paulo, wanted a print management services model that offered improved integration and flexibility for its Barcelona and Madrid campuses.

It was seeking a single provider that would integrate print resources between its central reprographic department and distributed printing services that serve students in four locations across its campuses. The model had to provide print and scan capabilities using PC/MAC, mobile phones, and e-mail and enhance the school’s cybersecurity and sustainability practices.

It was also crucial that the system work with the school’s payment tool, which allows students to use a variety of transaction methods. The system had to integrate with different active-directory-based roles and a cloud-based data center to manage recovery and high availability processes.

And finally, IESE was seeking a system that would provide functionalities to create a digital environment that would allow professors and students to scan exams and other documents and leverage third-party school information management platforms.

The chosen provider only had a month to complete the system transformation before students returned to campus.

The Solution

A comprehensive managed print services plan

After reviewing five prospective providers in its request for proposal process, IESE chose to partner with Xerox’s Southern Europe Field Marketing team to leverage Xerox® Managed Print Services. A key deciding factor was that Xerox offered the flexibility to work with all the school’s business and functionality lines, notes Javier Carretero, Xerox Managed Print Services Solution Architect.

Xerox created an integrated print management plan that encompassed the school’s reprographic and distributed printing services locations to maximise service at its Barcelona and Madrid campuses. The system integrated with active-directory roles to serve for some 5,000 users, including students of many different nationalities, teachers, and internal personnel.

The system includes 108 print devices and provides 24/7 service, including on-campus personnel to help users and resolve issues.

Xerox installed a Xerox Nuvera® 144 Press, a PrimeLink® B9136 Printer, and a Versant® 4100 Press in the school’s reprographic center in Barcelona. It also deployed multiple VersaLink® C405 and AltaLink® C8145 MFPs in four distributed printing services locations on both campuses.

Xerox also helped IESE create a private cloud infrastructure for its central server to manage data recovery and high availability processes.

The new system provides functionalities that enable the school to integrate with a third-party school information management platform to allow teachers and students to exchange digital documents related to coursework, registration and other student records.

The Results

Improved services with a more flexibility, digitisation

Xerox completed the project within the month-long time frame and had staff on hand to welcome students back to campus with technical assistance. IESE students and staff are now getting more seamless and secure print services via a single strategic provider.

Users can easily utilise different print and scan possibilities via PCs, MACs, mobile phones, and email. On-site Xerox service staff are there long-term to address any concerns or issues.

The new system integrates with and enhances IESE cybersecurity and sustainability practices and utilises active-directory roles to oversee printing privileges. The Xerox model integration with the school’s payment platform allows users to pay for services, vending, and parking using a variety of transaction methods.

The Xerox system included functionalities that allow students and teachers to digitalise exams and other documents and to utilise third-party school information management platforms to create an improved digital experience.

Zahnradsymbol mit Abzweigungen nach linksThe Challenge

  • IESE needed a single print services provider that would integrate production and office printing across its Barcelona and Madrid campuses

  • It also wanted a more flexible model that would work across all business lines, spanning multiple technologies and devices

  • The system needed to integrate with the school’s payment platform for students and provide for different active-directory-based roles

  • It had to align with corporate security and sustainability guidelines

  • It also wanted to reduce IT infrastructure costs while adding functionalities that would enable a digital environment

GlühbirnensymbolThe Solution

  • Xerox® Managed Print Services provides a comprehensive print management solution that included 108 devices and 24/7 support

  • It installed a Xerox Nuvera® 144 Press, a PrimeLink® B9136 Printer, and a Versant® 4100 Press in the school’s reprographic center in Barcelona

  • It also deployed multiple Xerox VersaLink® C405 and AltaLink® C8145 MFPs in four distributed printing services locations on both campuses

  • Xerox transitioned IESE’s on-site server to a cloud solution to better manage data recovery and reduce IT infrastructure expenses

  • Xerox provided on-site support staff to assist students and staff

  • The installation was completed within a matter of weeks to accommodate the return of students to campus

Zahnradsymbol über einem Diagramm mit positivem TrendThe Results

  • IESE now has a unified, flexible print services system focussed on productivity, sustainability, and security

  • Cloud solution reduced IT infrastructure costs

  • The Xerox model provides a strong integration with a payment platform: Vending, parking

  • The heterogeneous system can be used to print and scan via PC/MAC, mobile phones, e-mail, etc.

  • The system offers different print and scan possibilities based in active directory roles

  • The transition has resulted in improved student experience, increased security and reduced operating costs

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Xerox® Managed Print Services

Produktive Mitarbeiter, effiziente Arbeitsplätze sowie sichere Daten, Dokumente und Geräte.

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