The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

So what does that future look like? Based on what’s happening in our labs, cultural diversity will be celebrated, and women will take STEM by storm. These new perspectives will catalyze major breakthroughs: Computers will become your partners instead of just tools that get the job done. Printed electronics will make integrated circuits cheaper and easier to produce. And immersive experiences—powered by near-field communications, virtual reality and the Internet of Things--will blend physical and digital worlds together.

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These breakthroughs sound futuristic, but they’re already underway. That’s what happens when you gather some of the brightest minds on the planet at our global research centers, and ask them to dream with our customers. You get big, juicy ideas that solve today’s business challenges with an eye toward tomorrow.   

The Future of Work

What Will Work Be Like in 10 Years?

Innovation at Xerox: The Magic of Creating the Future

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Innovative People

Stephen Hoover
Tolga Kurtoglu
Monica Beltrametti
Lawrence Lee
Paul Smith
Tom Kavassalis
Dragana Pavlovic
Stephen Hoover
Stephen Hoover
Stephen Hoover

Chief Technology Officer

Hoover leads Xerox’s global research, development, and engineering organizations and is committed to driving innovation across the company.

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"The business of open innovation is something PARC has been refining since we incorporated in 2002. Mastering the innovation process is about more than just developing new technology; it requires a deep understanding of human behavior and context, and the ability to invent new business models to take resulting products and services to market."

Research Centers Across the Globe

Gil Hatch Center
Xerox Research Centre of Canada
Xerox Research Centre of Canada

The Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC) is Xerox’s specialty materials research centre. XRCC combines chemistry, physics and engineering to enable the flow of materials from concept through to product.

New York
Gil Hatch Center
Gil Hatch Center for Customer Innovation
Gil Hatch Center

Located on the Xerox campus in Webster, New York, the Gil Hatch Center is the world's largest permanent showcase of digital products for the graphics communication and enterprise printing markets.

Palo Alto
Palo Alto Research Center
Palo Alto Research Center

Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox Corporation and an integral part of Xerox's strategy for long-term research investment. Founded in 1970 as a part of Xerox Research, PARC was incorporated as an independent research business.

Xerox Research Centre Europe XRCE
Xerox Research Centre Europe

Xerox established the Research Centre Europe (XRCE) in France in the early 1990s to create innovative document technology and drive the corporate transition in becoming a services-led technology business.


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