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Digitising Health Records to Strengthen Patient Care

Get more time with patients by digitising your records with Xerox® Health Records Automation Services.

Where are you in your digitisation journey? Today, when you’re not focusing on digitising, you’re falling behind. With Xerox® Health Records Automation Services (HRA), we can bring you up to date in a way that lowers costs and saves time. Flexible and secure, we even integrate with fully deployed EHR systems. Whether you’re currently paper or digital but looking for more structure, we can streamline your system at lower labor expenses. The bottom line: Our technology means you can stop focusing on paperwork and start focusing on patients.

See how HRA can lower costs with this video:

Helping Doctors Focus On Patients, Not Paperwork YouTube Video

No matter the size or specialty of your organization, Xerox can help. We’ve decluttered the way patient records are recovered, stored and accessed, with full security standard compliance the whole way through. First, all records are scanned, indexed and validated during retrieval. Then, thanks to the Xerox® Scan Request Manager, they’re sorted before forwarding, with everything still safely stored in EDRMS, which stays linked directly to HL7/FHIR for protection and easy retrieval. Plus, it saves on paper. Not only is it a more sustainable process, but it’s one of the many ways HRA’s efficiency lowers costs.

From there, HRA really transforms the customer experience. It allows a single sign on to access electronic records, connecting patients and providers with necessary information that they can print when needed. Through an enhanced use of e-referrals, patients can easily request records which are then received by the Xerox® Print Request Manager to be printed and delivered. Or organisations themselves can make bulk requests with a single click of a button. It all happens faster, but you can even confirm that there’s a lower risk of security breaches, making your transformed health records process as safe as it is hasslefree. 

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