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Case Studies: Banking and Financial Markets

At a time of fierce competition, banks are eager to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.  A great place to start is with the processes that drive customer experiences. Think about the ways documents and data flow through your organisation, and how they touch customers.

We can help you reduce spending on document management to free up budget for other priorities. By making data in documents more accessible and searchable, as well as integrating paper and digital workflows and automating processes, you'll ultimately improve customer experiences. When you use this data to customise and personalise communications, you take the customer experience to a new level.

We’ve pulled together some examples of how we’ve helped our customers in the banking and finance business. These include:

  • Delivering consistent and brand-compliant printed documents, and enabling personalisation, by managing all digital printing services.

  • Making responses to customers quicker and more accurate by digitising all inbound mail, and creating a flexible electronic workflow.

  • Saving significant costs and supporting environmental protection goals by dramatically reducing the number of printers.

  • Speeding up deployment of in-branch marketing by implementing digital signage

You’ll probably recognise some of the challenges faced by these organisations. See how Groupama Banque, Lombard Odier, Eurasian Bank and others are solving business challenges with our services and solutions. Read our case study compendium to learn more.

View the Banking and Financial Markets Case Study Compendium

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