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Solve the inkjet
printing puzzle

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Better Together

4 Strategies for a More Flexible, Future-Proof Print Operation

While the pandemic unleashed headwinds into the print industry, it has also created new opportunity.

Research tells us that while industry-wide revenues dropped by 13%, the share of digital jobs grew by 8% vs. offset 1. But many operations are not yet optimized to efficiently turn this flood of diverse, short-run jobs.

As we discuss in our guide, 4 Strategies for a More Flexible, Future-Proof Print Operation, surviving and thriving in this market requires a more strategic approach to capital investments—gaining the ability to serve your traditional markets more efficiently, while unlocking new growth opportunities. Interestingly, while 80% of print services providers don’t currently have inkjet, 26% of them plan to invest in it 2.


Increase in share of digital pages vs. offset in 2020 1.

With progressively more technology options available—like production inkjet—combining the right parts and pieces can be somewhat akin to assembling a jigsaw puzzle. For consideration are complementary print technologies—toner, inkjet and offset, colour and mono—each available at multiple levels of image quality and speed. There are varying media compatibilities, as well as a multitude of finishing options. Finally, there’s the ability to streamline file prep, throughput and finishing with integrated workflow automation. Combine the pieces in just the right way, and you’ve built a strong foundation for flexibility, growth potential, and investment protection.

We call it Better Together—an approach that recognises the wide variability within the print industry and responds with a deep portfolio of modular, scalable digital technologies that can combine to deliver on four business-driving strategies.

Download the guide to see how these four strategies can help you reevaluate, re-strategise, and reconfigure for today’s changing print landscape.

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Unlock transformational TCO that optimises economics across your entire landscape of jobs to enhance profitability.

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Build flexibility into your equipment footprint for the landscape of job requirements you serve today with freedom to scale for tomorrow.

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Grow your business by offering new value and addressing more customer requirements.

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Boost your productivity by streamlining production, eliminating redundant, time-consuming tasks.

Get the specifics on future-proofing your print operation with the right mix of print technologies, workflow automation, and expert guidance.

1. IT Strategies

2. U.S. Primary Research: Market Trends and PSPs Strategies and Interests, Keypoint Intelligence, 2021

4 Strategies for a More Flexible, Future-Proof Print Operation

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