• The Art of Innovation

The Art of Innovation

What do the personal computer, Ethernet, and the laser printer have in common?

They all started out as ideas built in a small back office that morphed into some of today’s most impactful technologies.
The very art of innovation comes from translating an idea into value for humanity. And the next wave is upon us with cleantech, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and digital packaging. We must do our part to solve some of the world’s biggest issues, all in a cost-efficient way. New technologies will remake the world as we know it today. And Xerox is at the helm, bringing together a diverse coalition of voices, expertise and makers to reimagine what’s next.

Xerox Innovation in Action

Naresh Shanker Has 100-Year-Old Xerox Thinking Like A Startup

Naresh Shanker, Xerox’s Chief Technology Officer, sits down with Peter High from Metis Strategy to discuss Xerox’s renewed focus on innovation and our digital transformation.

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Internet of Things (IIoT) Platform

In recent years, we’ve seen an evolution of IIoT capabilities, with advances in data science and more accurate/cost-effective sensors leading to broader adoption of IIoT solutions. Despite these tech advances, some limitations remain. Markus Larsson and Kai Goebel from PARC, a Xerox Company, recently sat down at the Industrial Internet of Things USA conference to discuss how solutions can evolve in the IIoT space to create the “perfect platform.”

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Naresh Shanker: How 3D Printing Will Change Global Supply Chains

Events in 2020 have made it clear that today's global supply chains leave manufacturers and their customers vulnerable to external risks outside of their control. Chief Technology Officer Naresh Shanker explains how integrating 3D printing into current manufacturing operations will add flexibility and resiliency to supply chains.
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Xerox Multifaceted Approach to 3D Printing will Help the Company Build a “Substantial Business

Kevin Lewis from Xerox’s 3D team talks about Xerox’s entry into the additive manufacturing market and his predictions for where the industry’s headed next.
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80 Additive Manufacturing Experts Predict the 3D Printing Trends to Watch in 2020

Chief Technology Officer Naresh Shanker joins CEOs, Additive Manufacturing (AM) experts and fellow CTOs to share 3D printing predictions for 2020.
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Formnext 2019: 3D Printing Industry Experts Identify Key Trends, Themes and Vital Takeaways

3D leader Kevin Lewis joins fellow industry experts to give feedback and takeaways on the 2019 Formnext conference.
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Xerox 3D Printing Makes Formnext Debut, Metal and Polymer 3D Printing Opportunity

Kevin Lewis from Xerox’s 3D team talks about our Formnext debut and the company’s 3D printing roadmap.
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PARC is Turning 50: From Ethernet and Laser Printing to This Wild New Tech

Naresh Shanker, Xerox’s Chief Technology Officer, talks 3D, AI and materials science as the company gets ready to celebrate our Palo Alto Research Center’s (PARC) 50th anniversary.
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Xerox PARC Celebrates 50 Years

eWeek looks back at 50 years of groundbreaking innovation from Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).
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Naresh Shanker: How Staying Cool Indoors Warms The Planet

How can we make air conditioning more environmentally friendly, especially as more of the world depends on it? Xerox's Chief Technology Officer, Naresh Shanker, outlines several ways forward.
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