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Person scanning a printed bar code

Xerox® PredictPrint Media Manager Software

An effortless way to achieve optimal output on every print run.

Scan, load and go—backed by the power of AI.

Whether you’re looking to build profit or enhance operational efficiencies, maximising productivity on every run is a sure way to squeeze more potential out of every page. We’re obsessed with finding new ways to help you do it.

A refreshingly straightforward solution that makes press optimisation for any stock as easy as loading the tray.

Typically, you need to guess or manually tweak multiple press settings to optimise image quality. PredictPrint Media Manager Software changes all that. Anyone can quickly—and correctly—make necessary stock-specific adjustments in a few easy steps. Backed by crowd-sourced cloud data and powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI), PredictPrint’s Stock Wizard makes optimising your press for a specific stock scan-and-load easy.

icon showing paper path

An easier way to assign stock to a tray.

icon showing gears

An easier way to define a new stock.

icon showing chain links

An easier way to link settings to stocks.

icon showing a dial

A consistent way to apply optimal settings with AI.

Pro results. Less guesswork.

Just scan your desired media’s barcode, load it in a tray, and follow the simple PredictPrint Wizard to get on the fast track to automated output perfection. With PredictPrint, anyone—at any skill level—can automatically get picture-perfect results in less time, with less effort.*

  • Group stocks for colour calibration and profiling by coating and/or other attributes, so you can skip time-consuming manual job set-up tasks and get printing faster.

  • Bypass daily colour calibrations with EZ Colour Check Technology to ensure perfect colour performance without the hassle of colour calibration day by day, job by job, or stock by stock.

  • You can run Auto Alignment, 2nd Bias Transfer Adjustment and Auto Density Uniformity Check from within PredictPrint with EZ Press Check Technology.

Xerox Automation—a great story, now even greater.

Unleash more production power with advanced automation, astonishing media latitude and cloud-based AI that automatically optimises the press based on what you put in each paper tray. No need to manipulate critical quality settings to achieve consistent, repeatable results. It’s what every print service provider desires:

  • Simplified workflow

  • Fewer programming errors

  • Less wasted time and materials

  • Reduced operator training needs

  • Higher profit potential

*Some features are press-specific.

Xerox® Predict Print Media Manager: Defining a New Stock YouTube Video

See how easy it is to define a stock with PredictPrint Media Manager Software.

Xerox® PredictPrint Media Manager: Defining a New Stock

Xerox® Predict Print Media Manager: Utilizing Easy System Check YouTube Video

See how PredictPrint Media Manager Software gets you perfect prints day to day, stock to stock, job to job.

Xerox® Predict Print Media Manager: Utilizing Easy System Check

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