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Xerox® Speciality Imaging: Fraud Deterrent Technology

Protect your sensitive data with speciality imaging.

Xerox Specialty Imaging - Shed a Light on Print Fraud YouTube Video

Protecting sensitive documents from unauthorized duplication is a growing concern. Counterfeit copies of documents like coupons, tickets, and invoices can have serious financial impacts. Combat this concern with exclusive fraud-resistant speciality imaging effects for static and variable jobs which add an extra level of security and authentication. These speciality imaging text effects can only be printed with a Xerox® FreeFlow® digital front end in combination with FreeFlow software – any other print server will print them as normal text.


Text printed at smaller than 1 point size, readable only with a loupe or magnifying glass. Provides additional security to invoices, coupons, and other fraud-sensitive applications. Compatible with colour, monochrome, and highlight colour devices.

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Correlation marks

Printed text that is only visible when superimposed by a "key" overlay. Provides an extra level of authentication for lottery tickets, invitations, and other documents requiring an authenticity check. Compatible with color, monochrome, and highlight color devices.

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GlossMark® text

Printed text that is not visible in straight-on view, but becomes visible under inclined illumination. Provides an extra layer of protection against document fraud in amusement park tickets, coupons, and general admission passes. Compatible with color devices only.

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Printed text that is only visible under UV/black-light. Protects sensitive documents like concert tickets, admission passes, and retail promotions. Compatible with color devices only. No font required, rather color calls within a static or variable job.

InfraRed text

Printed text that is only visible in the dark, with an infrared camera. Protects sensitive documents like admission passes and promotions. Compatible with color devices only. No font required, rather color calls within a variable job.

Xerox Speciality Imaging Enables Grafotypiki to Win

Xerox Specialty Imaging Enables Grafotypiki to Win YouTube Video

Inovace Xerox

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Xerox® Specialty Imaging

Speciality Imaging Products

Blurred binary code.

Sada Xerox® FreeFlow® Variable Information Suite

Sada nástrojů FreeFlow® Variable Information Suite nabízí nástroje efektivní přípravy variabilních dat pro tisk a elektronickou publikaci.

Blurred photo of people walking on a busy street, overlaid with touchpoints


The leading technology for engaging your audiences with personalised, relevant communications across print and digital media touchpoints.

Hands typing on a laptop keyboard, overlaid with flowchart symbols

Xerox® FreeFlow Makeready®

Pokročilá příprava dokumentů jednoduše.