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azurová tonerová kazeta - vysoká kapacita

Cyan High-Capacity Toner Cartridge
Xerox cyan high-capacity toner cartridges ensure extraordinary print quality, superior reliability and competitive cost-per-page. Similar to buying in bulk, Xerox high-capacity toner cartridges give you more for the money, printing an average of 5,000 pages. This toner is also specially formulated for increased print consistency and continuity even on rough papers. Maximize your printer's versatility and performance with our extensive line of PhaserTM color printing media, designed and tested for unmatched print quality and reliability.
Kompatibilní produkty:
  • Phaser™ 6100

Technické údaje

Kapacita 5000
Average standard pages based on ISO/IEC testing. The number of pages that customers will get for their own applications will depend on a variety of factors, with page coverage having the highest impact.