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Arbet Aménagement sets up DocuShare and radically transforms its way of working

When a business outgrows its established processes, how does it adapt? Does it hire more employees to handle stacks of paperwork? Or does it find another solution that ensures it can operate more efficiently?

Xerox has been helping businesses work smarter for decades. A recent beneficiary was Arbet Aménagement, which found an ideal business solution in Xerox® DocuShare®.

About the Client

Arbet Aménagement creates ideal workspaces. For more than 35 years, these experts ensure businesses do their best work because they have well-designed, well-supplied environments. Operating mainly out of Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Isère and the Rhône in France, it has grown substantially since Anthony Orsonneau took over in 2008.

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The Challenge

Arbet’s growth delivered more revenue, but also more paperwork. He told ACB Group (a Xerox partner) that his team need to spend less time searching for and managing paper invoices. As Orsonneau explains, Arbet needed to digitally transform its existing processes. “Due to the nature of our business, clients can often go five, even ten years, without needing to call us back, how often do you modernize your office?”

The Solution

Xerox® DocuShare®. ACB Group immediately recognised DocuShare® as an ideal platform to centralise information and support the rapid search and retrieval of documents. Given the longstanding relationship between Arbet and ACB Group, the recommendation was an easy decision. Another partner, e-Cervo, worked with Arbet to fully understand the requirements and employee needs, then offered suggestions for how to best build the solution. E-Cervo then ensured DocuShare® was immediately adopted by all employees for an immediate gain.

An incredible 90% efficiency gain. Employees can now locate documents and issue electronic invoices much faster than before.

We were surprised how easy it was to use, my team and I never used a Content Management solution before, yet each and every one of us was able to start using it to our benefit extremely quickly. Its capability, digitising and retrieving documents, takes seconds, a huge time saver for us. Advanced searching allows us to narrow down search terms, so we locate the exact file almost as quick! The account team goes deeper with DocuShare® and uses some of its automation capability, something we are keen to explore further with e-Cervo.

— Anthony Orsonneau, Arbet Aménagement
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Xerox® DocuShare® je platforma pro podnikovou správu obsahu, která řídí širokou škálu papírového a digitálního obsahu a automatizuje vaše podnikové procesy. [v angličtině]

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