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Xerox® Extensible Interface Platform

Energise your work, build on your investment.

Xerox® Extensible Interface Platform (EIP)

Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) allows your Xerox multifunction printer (MFP) to adapt to fit the way you work, not the other way around. EIP is a software platform inside many Xerox MFPs that allows independent software vendors and developers to easily create personalised document management solutions that you can access right from your MFP's touch screen.

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End-user advantages

  • Simplify complicated workflows – replace multiple steps with one touch of the MFP screen

  • Personalise your MFP – log in once then use multiple applications without needing to log in again

  • Complete tasks entirely at the MFP, including retrieving documents on a network without a computer

  • Increase ROI by leveraging your existing business applications and databases

IT/System integrator advantages

  • Easily integrate solutions into your existing IT infrastructure

  • Create customised solutions easily. Since EIP is based on web standards, you don't need extensive programming knowledge to write an application.

  • Create applications using any development platform

  • Manage centralised solutions from anywhere in the world

  • Expand and adapt your MFP along with your business

Examples of what EIP can enable

  • Scan hardcopy information directly into a document repository with the simple touch of a button

  • Use menus and language that are specific to your business or workgroup, such as "Search client database," "Submit form to claims department," or "Fax to accounts payable"

  • All of your personal preferences can appear on the touch-screen of your multifunction system with the swipe your ID badge

  • Send a document to a network print queue and print it from any MFP on the network with a swipe of your ID card

How to get started

We provide free and open access to the tools needed to create EIP applications with the EIP Software Development Kit (SDK). Whether you're a java programmer, Windows C programmer, php, or .NET, you can easily create a wide range of applications with EIP. Applications can be created quickly by using standard web development tools, modular Application Programming Interfaces (API), and various EIP web services.

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Become a Xerox Business Partner

Becoming a Xerox Business Partner has many advantages. Members of the Xerox Alliance Program gain access to Xerox global resources, technology, products and consultants. Together we can sell new technologies and solutions that deliver real value to our customers.

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Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps

With the launch of ConnectKey technology, Xerox advanced our EIP solution to provide new APIs with access to email services, enhanced copy customization, new interfaces for cost control, and secure access to Cloud content for both scan and print.

EIP also introduces the ability to install secure, signed apps on compatible MFPs. Xerox ConnectKey Apps are lightweight, serverless print app solutions you can download to your ConnectKey enabled MFP via CentreWare Internet Services or the Xerox App Gallery.

EIP-capable Products

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