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Innovation through Collaboration

Human-centric Design

As an early pioneer in ethnography, we have decades of experience with field studies and observing end users. We put these learnings into practice through easy-to-use products and intuitive interfaces.

Customer-led Innovation

Everything we do begins and ends with our customers, so we hold “dreaming sessions” with customers to determine their ideal outcomes.


We partner with organisations and universities around the world to develop solutions that anticipate our changing world. Through open innovation, we share our expertise and leverage expertise from others across a variety of industries, including digital manufacturing, digital printing and intelligent workflow automation.

Lean and Agile Innovation

The knowledge and experience we’ve gained as industry leaders—along with a lean, agile, startup mentality—create the ideal combination to get emergent technologies off the ground.

We create new technologies matched to customer needs, define a product hypothesis and develop a demonstrator that brings it to life. A collaborative process with customers and our own research and engineering teams informs every iteration of the product, helping us to find the right product-market fit.

This is changing not just product development, but also the way we market, price and approach software and services. And we’re thrilled when the outcome is a game-changer.

The Xerox® ConnectKey® user interface did just that. We used a human-centred, agile development process to create a smartphone-like app interface and a number of apps that are helpful and easy to use. Now, users love it, and it keeps winning industry accolades.

Innovation in Action

ConnectKey Technology

ConnectKey® multifunction printer software enables advanced security, scanning, mobile printing and cloud services across networked devices.

Agents of Change

Santokh Badesha: Pushing the Limits of Innovation

Inovace Xerox

Podívejte se, jak se řada z nejchytřejších lidí planety v našich výzkumných centrech snaží, aby se nám zítra pracovalo lépe.

Palo Alto Research Center

Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) je plně vlastněnou dceřinou společností holdingu Xerox Corporation a nedílnou součástí holdingové strategie dlouhodobých investic do výzkumu